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Mary, 05-12-2014 20:32

@ Henrie - Wow, that's a lot of carbs, even for a T1 covering with insulin! You may find that lowering your carbs helps you with better dosing, since you mentioned that your carb counting needs work (less carbs to count!).

@ Pat - doesn't it always happen that way? My thermostat is fine all year, until the first hot day. :mad:

hitcheca 05-12-2014 20:45

96 this morning.

mbuster 05-12-2014 22:41


Originally Posted by JT Reagan (Post 578745)
114 for second day in a row after two bad nights' sleep. Still have pain from my fall but I suspect some DP also.

I was up early again today too, second DAY of not sleeping well. At least this is the last night. A 109 (6.1) this afternoon.

They say rain, and lots of it tonight and tomorrow. We'll see.

Shanny 05-13-2014 00:06

They said rain for us today too . . . so our mowing guys came early & busted their butts to stay ahead of it. Guess what? Not a single solitary drop. :rolleyes:

Mary, 05-13-2014 00:15

It's been pouring heavy here all day. :rain:

SandraMK 05-13-2014 09:51

Hi All - catch up time - last 3 days 5.7, 5.5 and 6.2.

Take care.

Mary, 05-13-2014 10:15

85 this morning. :)

gotsomeold 05-13-2014 10:26


We are off on a the road trip. So far eating has been easy - albeit easy because I am used to light or skipped meals. At the subway sandwich place, the lady felt so bad about my lettuce-meat-cheese-no-dressing sandwich that she gave me extra meat and cheese. (I carry my own salad dressing. With all these allergies, I don't trust anything pre-made, no ingredients published).

Tamagno 05-13-2014 10:49

150 this morning.

Henrie, 95 carbs in a single meal is something I personally wouldn't eat because I'd have to take such a large bolus and then run the risk of a hypo in a couple of hours.

I find it much easier to deal with much lower carbs and smaller boluses as my glucose is volatile and difficult to control. At least that McDonalds meal was pretty high fat and would slow glucose absorption somewhat.

I never eat more than 50 carbs a day and most often less than 15.

The target range you note is actually better than the usual "standard of care." The endos I've encountered are using a top number of 170 for type 1s.

I'm curious to know if you've complications after all those years.

gfaith 05-13-2014 12:43

106 (5.8) this AM. Crazy weather went from 90s on the last weekend to 50s this morning even snow in Northern part of state. Even my BGs are more stable.

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