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carbcrazydog 10-31-2013 09:55

105 when i woke up and went down to 101. did not eat breakfast as i was rushing throughout the morning and before lunch i was 88- now i just wish i had a 88 when i woke up in the morning!

Day 6 with the baby- he vomitted a lot yday night. and then slept well. its getting easier and i am waiting for his first bday. i am dreaming about his bday cake already!

canadiandude 10-31-2013 10:16

A 5.7 (103) for me this morning as I start coming down from whatever was causing my numbers to climb into the 6s.

tish 10-31-2013 10:50

5.4 (96) again this morning.

I got a little optimistic again y'day and ate two sm bowls of watermelon. Last year I hardly spiked from it, but this one was quite sweet and of course I had TWO bowls and ended up with 7.5 (135) :(.

Mary, 10-31-2013 10:58

105 today. That's the lowest its been since October 17th. :thumb:

newgrange 10-31-2013 12:54

113 this a.m.

Rustynail 10-31-2013 14:27

108 this morning.

walkerwally1 10-31-2013 14:51

113 this morning. Happy Halloween everyone :)

hitcheca 10-31-2013 16:37

83 this morning, 90 before bed last night. It's raining buckets since early this morning, following yesterday's rain. My back yard is full of water and looks like a lake.

Patdart 10-31-2013 17:12

102 this morning. Leak showed itself again with the rain we got yesterday and last night, darn it!

mbuster 10-31-2013 19:25

A 122 this morning.

BH repeated a batch of candy that had honey in it. This time not enough honey and used blackstrap molasses to make up the remainder. Darn it tasted good and saw little effect from the piece eaten yesterday afternoon followed by a bike ride. I think the 2 pieces, during the ball game last night was my downfall.

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