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counsiler 12-04-2013 16:10

Fluctuating Blood sugar reading
My normal blood sugar reading after 1 hr. is anywhere between 103-118. This morning my fasting bs was 102. I has 1 fried egg for breakfast along with 2 regular sausage links (which I had a couple of days this week). After 1 hr I tested and my bs was 197. I could not accept it so I tested again about a minute after and it was 110. Anyone else ever have this kind of readings???? 12-04-2013 16:18

That sounds more like a contaminated strip rather than a good reading.

And yes, it's a feature that we all "enjoy".

To address it takes a combination of care in management of the strips and care in management of the tests.

Keep the strips in their container until needed. Keep the container in a dry room temperature environment. Close the container as soon as you've taken the strip out. Make sure your hands are clean and dry and don't allow the strip to rub against your skin on its way to the blood drop.

Our meters have a quality control system that permits an up to 20% error, so you could well get two readings within minutes of one another, one of 100, and the next at 120 and both would be "right":mad:

Given their cost, I have to say that I'm disappointed that these guys don't do better!

VeeJay 12-04-2013 22:57

It happens now and then.

I was having lots of fluctuations in my readings when I first started testing. To save time and trouble opening and closing the vial of strips, I had been shaking 3-5 strips out and leaving them out to use next time. It turns out that this was a very bad idea.

counsiler 12-05-2013 00:29

Thanks John. VeeJay I have been doing the same thing you did so it looks like I do need to keep my strips from being so exposed to keep them fresh.

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