Sliced tip of finger off

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Sliced tip of finger off

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Default Sliced tip of finger off

Everything was going great. I started my lchf diet in Feb 2013 and have maintained really good control staying in the 5% club the whole year. I was jogging and working out at the local Planet Fitness. I have not ever been stronger which I attribute to the High Fat diet. Then it happened. Three weeks ago, I was cutting cheese and I cut the tip of my finger off including 1/4 of my nail. We put the tip of my finger in a zip lock baggie with ice for the possibility of them reattaching ( which come to find out later they dont). My wife rushed me to the hospital and it took 3 hours for them to stop the bleeding with pressure and finally they cauterized it. Two days later, I went to a hand specialist and he operated on it moving flesh to the top. Again, this bled for two days and he was about to have me do a procedure to stop the bleeding the next day but thankfully it stopped. He said I had really good circulation.
Its been three weeks and its healing nicely with no complications. No more pain with the exception of some shooting nerve pain but even that has diminished.
The reason that I even posted this is to encourage people that with reallly good BG control we are not sick we can bejust as healthy if not healthier than most people. I learned the hard way that my circulation is good. I am now back to the gym and started to lift weights around my finger until it heals completely.
Special Thanks to the Forum and Moderators for giving me a second chance at healthy life. I am glad I found this Forum!

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Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing your story, and I wish you a continued, speedy recovery.

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Oh my!! Glad to hear you are healing well. It is good you shared your story, just so people can see that if d is well controlled our bodies will heal complication free, just like a non d's would.

Had my own healing story last summer. Double mastectomy, healed quickly, no infections, not even any bruising! And only a couple days of slightly elevated bg. We can do it!

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Thanks for posting your story Adimeco - a testament to how keeping D under control with lchf ensures our bodies can deal better with an 'assault'.

Glad you're healing nicely - take care cutting that cheese!

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Thanks for a truly inspiring story! Sympathies for one really bad cut!

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- Nancy

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Or trimming hedges! /no wait, that's how I sliced my finger

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So glad you're healing quite well. Now be careful with that knife. Take care : )

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Ouch! Delighted that your finger will eventually be restored (Best Thoughts comin' to ya on that ...)

Yes. You're right. With good control, so many things are possible. This place saved my life, too. Long may it continue!

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This is such a feel good post! Thanks for the motivation!

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― Christopher Aiff
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Yeah I hacked into a finger abt a yr and a half ago, some of you may now remember how to safely open your avocadoes ... severed a nerve, bled all over the bathroom, all Dexter-like. Scared the heck outta myself, but it DID heal fast!

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