Sharp Elevated Fasting BG

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Sharp Elevated Fasting BG

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Default Sharp Elevated Fasting BG

Managing my BG levels for nearly 3 months with a low to very low daily carb intake of under 50g and generally around 35g, I've maintained fasting averages in the mid 80s. Good or great I say. That's my reward for forgoing all of my previously assumed "healthy" food choices.

My fasting BG this morning was 98! That's the highest I've seen since December when I decided to go LCHF for my WOE. Shock! I quickly retested, another finger, this time I got a 99. Now I get it.

Yesterday a long time friend called and picked me up for lunch. We went to a fav Mexican place and had their smothered burrito plate with cheese and onions and I ate most of the chips. I figured the tortilla would be offset by the pork and fatty sauce and all the melted cheese.

I tested several hours later after dinner and was normal. As I slept my BG slowly started creeping higher and higher. Who knows? Maybe it was over 100 during the night.

A similar thing happened the day before when I had pizza for dinner. My PP reading were fine, under 100, but my FG the next morning was up about 8- 10 points higher than normal at 93.

My point here is because I have been eating to my meter and finding out what keeps my BG normal, if I deviate even for one meal and go back to my previous WOE, I will pay the price. It may not show up in a PP test, but the high carb load will stay in my blood and remind me the next morning of my deviant behavior.

Finally, what do I make of all this? Well, if I want a special treat sometime, it's not going to kill me. My levels, even when elevated are not dangerous. What could be dangerous is changing my way of thinking, where I may slowly start slipping back into a carb heavy diet. It's easy to do, then my BG levels would start creeping up and I'd go full circle.

I say, don't undo what I've tried so hard to accomplish and form new habits. It's good, it works, for me it seems the best way. I know the consequences of a slip and I don't like it.

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Good insight, Nick. And one of the very things that keeps me honest too . . . the fact of being haunted for several days after one 'indiscretion'.

And yep, it's all those good fats that prolong the effect of the additional carbs so they don't show up on normal postprandial tests. Pizza is a notorious offender, and now you've pointed out another one just as tasty!

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Good on you for figuring this out so early in the game. You're going to save yourself a lot of future misery. It took me more than two occurrences to figure it out! It's no fun paying for a single indiscretion, is it? Glad that your numbers didn't elevate too much, at least.

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I flipped put and ate a bunch of NSA ice cream today, and some were cones. I had sweet potato fries for dinner. I'm paying BIG time. I ate at 652pm, and almost 5 hours later, I'm at 106. I bet I was in the 130s earlier. I am mad at myself because before dinner, I was at 82.

With this GERD nightmare, I can't eat very much fat, so I'm frustrated. I took it out in my eating today and learned a lesson.

It happens, Nick. When it does, like you said, right the ship! We are all human, so sometimes a reminder of our fallible nature can be OK.

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Nick, those grains do me in every time. My PP numbers look like I dodged a bullet, but if I do a random test 5 hours later, I'm still much higher than I ought to be.

Never anger a Dragon, for you are crunchy and go well with brie.

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I made a big mistake too by putting some ketchup (less than half tsp) on my meatloaf yesterday. The meter catches everything sooner or later.

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