starving !

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starving !

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Default starving !

Hi all ,
Im waiting for test results to confirm type 2 . But while waiting the doc told me to treat it as if i had , only problem is the doc gave me no diet advice yet , as a result i just don't know what to eat , and im starving , can i eat boiled potatoes and brown breads or what ?? Also should i be drinking water all day or just with a meal as by now im sick of water ,

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Don't starve yourself!

Diet varies widely... also seems to depends on the doctor, the country, and the person.

Most diabetics follow a controlled carb diet, some eat little to no carbs, others eat them in moderation.

Proteins, fats, and veggies are a good place to start.

Then you would try whole grains - brown rice, whole grain breads, low glycemic index fruits and carbs are best.

You need a glucometer, so you can test and see what works for your body. Some diabetics cannot eat potatoes, others can, some can't eat corn, others can, some can't eat pizza, others can.

It's really a process of trial and error.

You should eat more often through the day... several small meals and snacks will keep your blood sugar more stable.

Acquaint yourself with proper serving sizes for carbs 15g = 1 serving = 1/3 cup rice. You may be able to have one serving, you may be able to have 2.

Always balance carbs (includes milk and fruit) with protein to lessen the impact on your blood sugar.

Drink water all day if you want, whenever you are thirsty. You can also have drinks like diet soda, coffee or tea sweetened with artificial sweeteners or unsweetened, flavored seltzer water.

Hope this helps a bit!

~S~ mom to three boys, and blessed with the genetic crapload:

Hypothyroidism @10
Insulin Resistance/PCOS @16
Type 2 @31
Low Carb / Primal / Whole Foods
Stopped Glyburide May 2011

June 2010 ~ 9.2
Aug 2010 ~ 7.1
Nov 2010 ~ 6.0
July 2011 ~ 5.2

Our baby boy arrived 4/15 ~ 8lbs 10oz

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Thanks for your help , all advice i get at mo is a great help .

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Originally Posted by joregan75 View Post
Hi all ,
Im waiting for test results to confirm type 2 . But while waiting the doc told me to treat it as if i had , only problem is the doc gave me no diet advice yet , as a result i just don't know what to eat , and im starving , can i eat boiled potatoes and brown breads or what ?? Also should i be drinking water all day or just with a meal as by now im sick of water ,
The best advice I can give to a newly-diagnosed TypeII is the advice I was given: Go to bloodsugar101 and read, read, read. Also, the KEY to reversing diabetes numbers is simple: Diet and exercise. (And prescribed medication if you require it.)

There's a great link on how to lower your blood sugar there that suggests you cut out all starchy/sugary carb sources (breads, cereals, grains, starchy veggies such as potatoes/corn/parsnips, and even fruit...) and get all your carbs from other veggies.

Cut back as suggested while testing your blood glucose levels until you get closer to normal blood sugar readings. Once you're there, you can start adding back different carbs to see how they affect you.

Regardless of what many diabetes associations, doctors and dieticians say, research shows a good diabetic diet is low-carb with balanced amounts of protein and fat. I'm getting great control quickly while eating roast chicken, steak, pork chops, tenderloin, fish, etc., balanced with lots of veggies (except potatoes and corn) and the occasional lower-carb/no-sugar-added treat.

One annoyance of diabetes is NONE of us are the same. Some CAN eat potatoes or corn. (MOST Can't, though). Some CAN eat limited amounts of whole grains. Because we're all different the ONLY way that YOU can know how YOUR body responds to certain foods is to do blood glucose tests both 1hr and 2hrs after your meals. This will give you your 'peak' BG (at the 1 hr point) and at 2hrs it should be back near-normal. Large peaks mean you probably can't eat that food. Same goes with continued high readings at the 2 hr mark...

For myself I've found I can't eat potatoes (regardless of how they're cooked, the starch converts to sugar too fast), but can eat baked potato skins (scooped-out baked potatoes, smothered in cheese, bacon bits and green onion, yum). I don't eat corn and never ate parsnips. I'm personally very limited in my grains/cereals... I can eat 1-2 small pieces of sprouted-grain (or other low-GI high-Fiber) bread in a day, many cannot. I get the bulk of my carbs from veggies: Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, sugar-snap peas, tomatoes (technically a fruit, I know), asparagus, artichoke, celery, cucumber, etc. etc. Salads are great, also... especially with vinaigrette dressings. (Vinegar has been shown to be healthy for diabetics). Just watch labels to be sure your salad dressing (or other products) have no sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, etc., in it...

I usually eat my veggies raw, often with dip (I prefer cream-cheese dips, they're somewhat healthier than oil-based dips). Sometimes I steam my veggies and add butter, salt and pepper. Other times I sautee them in olive oil. (Heart-healthy oils are great).

Some of us can eat beans in limited amounts: Make yourself a nice spicy chili with kidney/pinto beans using about 1/2 the amount of beans you normally would, increase the amount of meat to compensate. That works for me and the whole family still loves that meal.

I do eat fruit, but I limit myself to small servings of lower-GI fruit - mostly berries and cherries. (Virtually anything that ends in the suffix "-berry" is low-GI and full of healthy antioxidants.) I also eat the occasional Granny-Smith apple. With fruits it's important to know that the more-ripe the fruit, the higher the fructose/sugar-content. (IE: green bananas have far less sugar in them than yellow/brown bananas). There's info on the glycemic index/glycemic load of certain foods here. (Remember though that the glycemic index is based on 2-hr readings, and some foods don't spike for 3-4 hours... such as pizza. So don't take it as gospel. If a food product has lots of starchy carbs, like a pizza (crust is usually bad for diabetics) but a low-glycemic rating, it's usually because added fats/proteins cause it to digest slower...)

The big key for diabetics is CARBS. Remember, ALL carbs will eventually break down into blood glucose. Some just do this faster than others. Balance your diet with lots of protein, healthy fats and lots of non-starchy veggies, and you'll likely see great numbers.

One last bit of advice... if you DO decide to have a starchy carb, balance it with some fat and protein... carbs will digest slower with higher levels of fat/protein in them then if it's a low-fat meal, which in turn helps keep blood sugar levels in check. Just don't do it too often... Another trick is to plan some cardio/exercise shortly after a higher-carb meal to burn blood glucose before high readings.

And... NEVER stop asking questions! Information is the key to getting this condition under control! Good luck!

47 yr. old Male
Alberta, Canada

Dx'd T2 Dec 19, 2010 - Fasting BG: 14.8 (267), A1c: 12.1, Wt: 290lb (over 320lbs at my heaviest)

As of Apr 23, 2013: 14-day Avg Fasting BG: 4.7 (85), A1c (Dec21): 5.1%, Stats: 230lb, 6'3" now with 37" waist

Low-Carb (Usually < 45-60g per day on a 3,000+ calories daily diet)

On Metformin only for meds. Exercise 6 days a week.
Supplement only with: Men's Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D 2000iu/day, Aspirin 81mg, Cinnamon Extract and Fish Oil all 1x per day

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Cheers that's a great idea about checking bloods after 1 hour , i suppose alot of it is trial and error so .

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Thats a good piece of advice Beefy, If you dont mind I will paste on my notepad, inspite of being a diabetic so many years, I have my doubts about my diet and numbers.

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