Today was scary as hell

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Today was scary as hell

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Default Today was scary as hell

So I got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes about 3 months ago so this is all pretty new still.
So this morning I over slept and woke up groggy.
I had to do my 25 units of my 24 hour insulin and went to the fridge and grabbed my zippered insulin pen holder.
I sat down on the bed screwed on the pen needle and cranked the dial to 25.
I stuck the needle in my stomach and started injecting it.
Well I cranked 20 units into myself before I realized it was my orange rapid acting novalog. I immediately started freaking out.
My girlfriend wasn't home and we had plans to grocery shop that night.
We had nothing to eat at all. I was in a full blown panic.
I checked my blood sugar and it was 150 and I knew it was gonna start dropping fast. I managed to dig up 2 sugar packets for coffee and I poured them both into my mouth. I grabbed the half empty 2 liter of coca cola from the fridge and started chugging. My girlfriend came home for lunch about 20 minutes (filled with panic) later. Thankfully she did, we ran to dairy queen and I pigged out on ice cream with chocolate fudge.
I haven't taken my 24 hour insulin and my blood sugar is still all out of wack.
I need advice, what do I do in a situation like this in the future?
What happens if I didn't have anyway of getting sugar or carbs?
Do you die if your blood sugar hits zero?
I was so afraid. I didn't know what to do.
I didn't have any cash to buy food and I thought leaving the house after doing that shot would be dangerous.
It was like the movie Speed but I was the bus and my blood sugar was the speed I was traveling.
I just wanted to share this with anyone who cared to read it.
This disease is a pain in my butt.

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Well, all I can say is stock up on juices and snacks just in. See it happens in the future. Also, I do t know if it's the same for you, but I always over react and end up drinking g way too much juice/I jesting way too much sugar because I am afraid of going lower and lower and then I end up hitting the 200s/300s. They way I have been dealing with it is by drinking a glass of juice, waiting a bit and the. Testing my sugar. It usually takes a few minutes for the sugar to kick in. hope this helps!


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Yeah, Thanks for you're advice.
I get paranoid when it gets high because they tell me to call a doctor if its over 400. Its 398 now but I feel fine.
I definitely ate too many carbs and sugar.
Is it bad to use sugar packets to bring it up?
It seems like a good thing to carry in case of an emergency.

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I don't use insulin, but from my years on the boards here, I have learned that it's good to keep your pens separated far apart and otherwise marked so that you minimize the possibility of grabbing the wrong one. I was also under the impression that once you're using a pen, it's better to keep it at room temperature so the injections don't burn so much.

I won't go on about this because we have more experienced members who will be along soon to teach you the tricks of the trade, as it were. I'm just sorry this happened to you so early on in your diabetes journey. I do think orange juice and other high-carb liquids are a good thing to keep on hand for emergencies like this.

Welcome aboard and I hope you'll be visiting us often.

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I don't see why sugar packets wouldn't work although I, myself, have never used them like that. Sometimes a spoonful of honey works, too, so you might want to keep that in case all else fails. Some other thins you could store are canned fruits or fruit cups or those otter pops In the freezer! . Remember to keep something in your car, too, just in case.
Lowering you blood sugars is hard work when you're used to high numbers like that. Something I've struggled with for almost 20 years and still do. I'm slowly getting there, though, and now that my sugars are coming down from being so high all the time I definitely get low often these days.

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You may also want to buy glucose tabs from the pharmacy and keep them on hand.

Rule of thumb is to test every 15 minutes after taking sugary stuff to correct a low.

-- If your level's going up, wait another 15 minutes before taking more.
-- If your level's going down, or not moving, take another small bit of sugary stuff or 1 more glucose tab.
-- Keep testing, every 15 minutes.
-- When your level rises up to about 60 or so, eat a low-carb meal or big snack.

Rapid usually disappears after a (rocky) 3 - 4 hours.

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A glass of milk, even skim will work better and faster than juice or even sugar. Chances are with a starting blood sugar of 150, it wouldnt have dropped real drastically....real fast. Yes it would start dropping but not so fast you wouldnt have a chance to eat something to level it off.

I tend to carry glucose tabs with me...I have them stashed all over my home, my work place, my truck, and my own purse. That way there is no by guess by golly IF I have something available...I KNOW I do.

Ive dropped as low as 38 and it's a horrible feeling. Waking up low is a sh!tty start to any day. I find the lows bottom me out and I am tired, exhausted and sleepy all day when it happens. My most common lows are mid afternoon, like 1-3pm and in the night, 1230-130am

I think we've probably all done the "wrong" insulin a time or three. Good Luck

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Accidents happen. Planning ahead to minimize them is wise.

Sugar is about 1/2 glucose and 1/2 fructose. So, it dumps a load of fructose (digested differently than carbs, puts other strains on your body) into you in addition to the glucose. Keeping glucose tablets nearby in case of emergency is a plan that will put less stress on an already bad situation (and tortured body).

My sympathies for your terrifying and vastly uncomfortable day!

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- Nancy

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Not to add to your panic, but I recently had a hypoglycemic seizure - not fun. I'd recommend talking to your doc about getting a pump which would mostly eliminate the problem. My seizure was the result of a perfect storm of exercise and too large a bolus to cover a soon-to be eaten meal. No fault of my pump.

The 15-minute rule Shalynne talks about is the way to go to avoid too much trouble.

Important to keep supplies at hand - I have a bag I carry with everything I might need, vis, insulin, glucose tabs, etc. Be sure you wear a medical ID!

When correcting lows, I like something that's both fast- and slow-acting carbs - crackers with peanut butter and jelly works for me.

The hard thing is to avoid cramming yourself with sugar in massive quantities. An incredibly appealing proposition for so many reasons (when else would you go to Dairy Queen?).

Glad you're okay! I guess we all have to go through something like this to learn. I'm grateful you came through relatively unscathed...

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After I took 35 IU of novolog instead of Apedra I got an aluminum cigar tube to put my fast insulin pen in. Never made the same mistake again.

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I am not a doctor this is what works for me
You results may differ
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