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Jchase 03-29-2011 03:52

confused and crazy (i guess)
Sooo I had my PCM appointment today and it went...ok? I guess. I mentioned I was a Gestational diabetic who then failed my follow up test and was pretty much told to watch my sugars and be seen as needed. I mentioned that my sugar spikes have recently gone as high as 167 and a home a1c test was 6.0, and she looked at me like a deer in headlights. Saying 6.0 was great and normal people can spike that high after a meal, and she really gets worried at a1c at 6.5 and at 6.2 she starts "looking into things" So I go back tomorrow for fasting labwork. Ive already ran all those over the weekend so I know on paper Im going to be a paranoid 21 year old who does not fit any criteria. She said if everything is normal then she will have me do a 4 hr OGTT, I assume to rule out reactive hypoglycemia. (the lowest my level has ever gotten recently is 70, and that was fasting. Im low-mid 100s all day usually) But she also noted that she is not one to wait and see, and if I am found to be diabetic (which I am 99.9 % positive I am NOT) or even with glucose issues she doesnt mess around and then we will change course and start working on "reversing" or sending me to an endo, if by some snowball chance in hades, i am diabetic....I know this because she is my father in laws PCM as well and he has severe kidney issues and she doesnt hesitate to send him to a specialist for the slightest thing.

I am slightly bitter but greatful that I am not being passed along but I still feel like its the whole "aww how cute" rodeo and im just here to humor someone. I mean does everybody out there have breakfast at dennys at three hours later you can find them curled up on the couch because the most energy they have is to blink? Does everybody eat a bowl of fruity pebbles and can barely walk up the stairs soon after?

Im pretty sure I belong in an insane asylum now:boom:

Shanny 03-29-2011 05:25

If I were you, I'd stop eating fruity pebbles & see if the "carb coma" overtakes you when all you eat for breakfast is an egg/cheese omelet, bacon & eggs, or some other strictly no-carb meal. Chances are that the carbs you're eating are putting you to sleep - it's exactly what they do to me. You apparently DO have metabolic issues, so if your doc WOULD order that 4-hour OGTT, I'd be delighted to hear the results. I think that's exactly the proof you need.

onlymep 03-29-2011 11:02

well I hope the test results say either way what is going on Jchase. Also glad to hear you found a good doc. If you're eating carbs in your diet... try and keep it natural and don't eat the processed stuff. I'm not familiar with all the products you guys have on your shelves there... but I would imagine it's like anywhere... loads of cheap white refined products full of additives. As Shanny has already said... trial not eating carbs and see if this works better. If you start fainting... then incorporate the good carbs in small portions. Look up "glycemic index" on the net and read up on what carbs are better for you. The lower the GI the better... you don't get that sudden spike and the big crash that makes you feel horrible. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

Jchase 03-29-2011 13:42

Oh I've stayed away from as many things that have made me sick. That was just past history and during my teens. I've started eating more protein and things that have been more healthy for me, thus limiting carby stuff. And I haven't felt sick after a meal in a few weeks. It was just like sitting at the OB office again and explaining it all over again to someone who didn't believe me. Maybe I expected to much? She was clear that she wasnt going to do anything with out concrete proof,

But thanks for understanding :) I feel a little less crazy now...but it's time to get poked and prodded. I may be lab tech but I still hate needles

jwags 03-29-2011 13:59

I'm glad you have a doc who will try to figure out what is going on. It sounds like you are in the early stages of insulin resistance. Early intervention and diet change can prevent it from getting worse and may be able to reduce it somewhat. You may be one of those people, like a lot of us, who just cannot handle carbs, especially Fruity Pebbles. When you are IR and eat carbs, especialy processed carbs like cereals, when we eat them our cells don't recognise the insulin we produce, so the pancreas over produces insulin sometimes crashing you to a hypo. The only way around this is to control the carbs you eat. Eat things with more fiber that digest slowly. 70 is not really a hypo but still in the normal range. 167 is kind of high after meals, and normal people don't normaly spike that high, so something is going on. A 6.0 HbA1c is an average bg of 125. A normal person is usually in the 4.0-5.5 range with a 83-90 average bg.

foxl 03-29-2011 14:56

I hate that feeling. Like someone is condescending to a whacknut ... you DO NOT deserve that attitude out of ANY professional!!!

I do agree with Shanny -- curb your carbs, and keep a food diary! And ... The OGTT should be telling, if not for them, for you. After all YOU are the person who manages this disease ... or "pre-disease," ;-)

Do you exercise, at all?

Jchase 03-29-2011 15:15

Yep! I joined a gym, then moved, so I bought a wii fit, and broke a sweat with the biggest loser game. I went from 136 lbs to 126 pounds while watching what I eat, I may not be a marathon runner but I am active. My two year old, and her closest cousins, make sure of that. I thought if I lost modest weight, if my stomach pooch became flatter that somehow I would be able to fix this. I tried the special K cereal too thinking it would be better. But I somewhere (maybe here) I saw that Denny's can add pancake batter to their eggs to make it fluffy. Which would explain the coma state I felt afterwards. She kept saying you dont fit any of the criteria...can we make a petition to have doctors eliminate that saying?! I don't think that helps at all

foxl 03-29-2011 15:23

You don't fit any of the criteria ... there are two things I would say need addressing, in response to THAT statement:

1) you could be a slender Type 2, there ARE many!!!

2) you could have LADA or Type 1, adult onset. Many of those, too.

And a physician or NP should know both of those things! (But even more current Endo told me, "But you look more like a Type 2, to me." They are so used to "clinical diagnosis," aka, eyeballing us.)

Depending on the outcome of your OGTT, I would recommend a C-peptide and GAD-65 antibody testing, when you get your Endo referral.

And YES, GAD-65 antibodies / Type 1 HAS been known to show up in GD.

Much better to rule out, than to wait to go into DKA, for a diagnosis.

Jchase 03-29-2011 17:41

Could a pre diabetic just be the early stages of 1.5? I mean it says slow onset but I wonder if the 25 year olds who get it have symptoms of metabolic issues years before. I dunno, I had my stuff drawn so im just waiting for the doc to call back with my normal results and schedule a 4 hr. I dont think its reactive hypo because to be a true hypo, (to the best of my understanding) it has to be below 70. When I come off a spike its 110-100, I may feel icky sometimes but its never real levels. At the hospital cafeteria ive stayed away from breads and stuck with eggs, ham, tea with sweetnlow. I dont get the same highs, but add some hashbrowns and it off it goes.

I LOVE the visual diagnosis. The, but your not SUPPOSED to be this way. Or the, well we will test and see what we find *snicker snicker* then they test me. Ill never forget my PAs face who was 100% convinced i would be fine with the GD screen test. I gotta give it up to my husband though, I told him whats going on and he offered to go with me when i have the test because he was there the last time I had it and he said I dont want you driving all dizzy and sick like. He works nights and wont get home until 3-4am. Which means a severe lack of sleep, im so lucky :kiss:

foxl 03-29-2011 17:50

I like your husband!!! He sounds supportive and like he knows what is going on!

Yes, you can have mild hyperglycemia for years (or not!) in LADA. There was this lovely chart that I will NEVER EVER find again (CURSES!), showing how beta cell mass can roller-coaster up and down over a period of years, before ever crossing the point where hyperglycemia manifests. Sounds like you are having false hypos, at 100 - 110. Ain't this stuff fun ... not.

I was dx'd at 52, by the way. At which point my internist looks in some goofy HANDBOOK (I work in a med library and believe ME they have NO CREDIBILITY) and says, you can't have that, you are over 50. Badump-bump. It took me 3 more appts to get GAD antibody testing ...

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