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Terrie 09-01-2008 19:12

*Time Clock*
Since this is an International Forum, I thought I'd post this to keep People up on the different times, weather, etc. in each country and numerous cities.

The World Clock - Time Zones - sorted by country name

Anthill 09-20-2008 08:20

Good idea Terrie, I have a clock that shows time in UTC (United Time Coordinated) And I use this for getting people to meet at a particular time world wide!!! :D :p

Richard157 09-20-2008 23:30

This is really neat Terrie! Thanks. I had not seen this before. Very useful.


Terrie 09-21-2008 12:56

Thank you both. :) I've been using this for a few years and have found it helpful to understand the estimated weather conditions and the different times, etc when I speak to People in different areas of Canada and cities or towns around the world.

It's Nice to take your mind to other places occasionally and kind of get a feel for where your Friends are. It sometimes also is useful to understand their varied moods. I do realize though, that sometimes one part of a city can be raining cats and dogs while in another part of that same city, it can be a beautiful sunny day.

Good idea that you have there also Peter. ;)

thumbless 05-10-2009 13:40

Excelent idea.

I am in the uk and nice to know what reply to give when i enter a chat room LOL, evening, morning or good night. :D:D:D

Also as most active forums are American they are usally 7 hours behind me but some states are different which makes life fun. :)

Good to know the other country time zones as i will have a rough idea when forums, chatrooms will be busy and quiet.




thumbless 05-10-2009 13:47

Morning to all Canadians 8:45 there and 13:46 here in U.K

All the best.



johnleveritt 05-10-2009 19:33

Another link that I've put in my favorites folder.

Thank you.

Terrie 05-11-2009 15:45

Your Welcome John.

Nice try Davey but "legend" has it that Canada has 6 time zones. Be more specific please. j/k on the specifics. Too much work. ;)

rebecca.peterson8 09-08-2009 03:48

Nicee! Thank you for the share!

marti77 10-23-2009 19:34

awesome idea hun

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