spent New-years day in the ER

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spent New-years day in the ER

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Default spent New-years day in the ER

Hi All

I spent New-years day in the ER. When I got up yesterday @ 8:AM my BG was 98 and I had a tummy ake. By 10: Am I was throwing up and had dierea (I know more info than you needed) by 10:30 my BG was 156 @ 10:45 my BG was 198 and I though I was going to faint so I called a wambulance. As soon as the EMT's got there they wanted to blame my symptoms on my high BG. I have to give them credit they tested my BG using the side of my finger. in the ambulance a different EMT tested my BG (208) and she used the side of my finger too She too wanted to blame my problem on my BG.

At the ER they tested my BG with the side of my finger too (199 I tested with my meter on the same drop of blood and came up with 181) and they too wanted to blame my diabetes for my symptoms. I had to explane over and over again that I had the symptoms BEFORE my BG went up.
So Im on a pump and I needed to change the pod they where happy to have me manage my insulin and BG.
they did decide that I had a stumic bug that is going round. and pumped me full of ringers (2 bags)

So today im still recouping and taking it easy.

I am not a doctor this is what works for me
You results may differ
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You have my sympathy. Stomach bugs are no fun at all.

And from what I hear, the assumption that your issue was caused by "your sloppy blood sugar management" is typical of a lot of hospitals. Perhaps the fact that they have had one example of someone with good control having a non diabetic issue will teach them something. But I'm not holding my breath!
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So sorry, Chris! Good to hear your experts know where the finger prick goes, but would be nice if they & the ER docs would actually listen to what you're saying, and not reach for the nearest excuse. Taking a history means looking at all the facts & seeing how they fit together!

Feel better soon . . .

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I've had various forms of this cold for 2 weeks, I had a higher than normal for me BG the last 3 days after an unsuccessful starch retrograde of some pinto beans. Maybe my BG caused my cold to start.

Gotta NOT love the logic. Thanks for sharing, the story, not the bug. Oh how I hate belly aches. Get well soon d86.

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Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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So sorry to hear that happened to you and you had to put up with all the blaming your diabetes instead of a real dx. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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Sorry to hear you had to go through that from medical professionals. Sad that it's not uncommon.

Glad you're on the mend

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Delighted you're starting to feel better. Still ... ouch!

Infections can (and in your case, certainly did, as you well knew) definitely spike BGs. Wish the professionals were on to this.

Maybe we should offer a class in diabetic science.

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I am glad someone did find an actual, reasonable cause! I hope you feel 100% better very, very soon!

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- Nancy

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avg BG: 90 - 95 before meals, 100 - 110 one hour PP, 95 2 hours PP
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Love the idea of offering a class in diabetic science, think it's a great idea.

I got a couple of doctors, and educators, and dieticians I would like to nominate for the first lectures/classes.

Wonder if they would listen?


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The FLU is epidemic in the US and tends to be nastier than most. Symptoms can vary with individuals but you sound like my visiting DIL who spent a full 4 days upstairs in her bedroom and bathroom. (That was actually somewhat of a blessing). Went through the whole family including everyone who visited before we realized that she had the flu. I am the only one it missed save for getting a rare cold sore. You did the right thing in going to the hospital.


"Amateurs built the Ark, but Professionals built the Titanic".

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