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pets and diabetes - Page 2

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Hello fellow diabetics!!! I'm back! Actually I do check in every now and then, but sometimes don't post.

We recently found out that one of our two black lab girls has diabetes. She is currently on two shots of insulin (NPH); once before her first meal of the day and once before her evening meal. I did switch her to a Light and Healthy Dog Food, and she did loses a bit of weight. She was pretty big at a little over 100 lbs. She is now about 75-80 lbs. I found out she had diabetes because she had gotten a pretty bad urinary infection and was losing weight pretty quickly. Of course this is the same dog that blew out both her ACL's in the beginning of 2014, so she had lost some weight during that situation as well.

She is doing much better now and seems to be good with the two shots per day. From what I read through online research is that animals do not get Type 2 diabetes; it is always Type 1.

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I'm glad someone started this topic. I'm absolutely useless at giving some animals medications. If Tom had got diabetes I don't know what I would have done, he wouldn't even let me give him tablets. If ever he needed antibiotics, we would have to have 2-weekly vet visits for injectables until he got better.

I will be getting another cat/kitten or two soon enough and will keep all this in mind. Thanks for the topic!!

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Originally Posted by kyteflyer View Post
I will be getting another cat/kitten or two soon enough and will keep all this in mind. Thanks for the topic!!
Sue, I have a horror story for you to keep in mind on your feline search. I adopted a pair from the pound (kill shelter) figuring that rescuing them from there directly rather than a rescue group would be a good thing. And older male (3), and young kitten female (6 mos).

Turns out they do NOT test for FIV or FeLeuk. So I came home with an FIV-pos cat, and one FIV-neg cat. Which means the kitten is in danger of getting FIV (since it's highly contagious, but only body-fluid borne). I did elect to keep them both, as we are all bonded, but sent very nasty letters to the county vets.

Chunk (m) is still asymptomatic and about 14 lbs (yes, I know, I need to figure something out), and I figure my job is to keep him happy and train him the dogs and the vacuum are not mortal enemies. And he's NEVER allowed outside.

Curio (f) has not yet drawn blood and we keep her claws clipped, and they are a bonded pair, so I'm hoping it won't get transmitted. (And she can never be let outside, either, just in case.)

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Years ago our daughter had two cats of which one had been diagnosed with FeLeuk. We took them in one summer when she'd had knee surgery, moved in with her mom to recuperate & couldn't bring the cats along. I don't even remember how we handled them beyond not letting them outside, but Sophie never contracted FeLeuk, and even Violet's went into remission. Sophie lived to a ripe old age.

(This reminds me of one episode, when Sophie got outside and we finally managed to corral the little dickens, and then she was so pissed that she couldn't go out again, that she started pissing in OWC's shoes! For a fella who was, in those days, very clothes conscious, I'm surprised he didn't wring her neck. If she hadn't been daughter's pet, I suspect he would have! )

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Many years ago, I had a dog with diabetes. I had to give her 2 insulin shots a day (NPH). One before her breakfast and one before her dinner. She hated the injections. She was smart enough to understand the after she ate, she got an injection. After a few days, she wouldn't eat. I then had to give her her injection first and hope she would eat. Once I did that, she went back to eating. Back then, I would reuse my syringes )I no longer reuse them). One morning I gave my dog her injection, fed her and went back to sleep. When I got up, a needle was on my nightstand and I used it to take my morning dose. After I was done, I realized I just used the same syringe that I used on my dog. I called my Dr. They kind of chuckled and said they never heard of this problem before. They recommended I call my vet. I called my vet and they never encountered this either. They told me I 'should' be ok and just keep an eye out for an infection at the injection site. Nothing ever happened, I didn't get an infection and I did not start barking or anything. For years, it was an interesting story to tell at gatherings.

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