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Anthill 11-27-2008 09:05

Sorry Meg

That is exactly why they don't want a cure to be discovered. Well I know one thing-- I am a fighter.. and I will not let it get the best of me.... I came into this world fighting for my life (being born 31 yrs ago at 27wks gestation and born to a heroin addicted mother) I will leave it the same way --- it will take alot to put me out.. And if we all stand strong then we will be ok!
I am sorry Meg, The stupid things that your mother has done with a fix on Heroine has modified your life and your fight will help others in this forum as I think that you are a good value in keeping the younger generation who are Diabetics to stay away from the dreaded drug. :(
A little something Meg and I will share your grief. :o
You are a great asset to this forum. :) (((HUGS))) :D

Terrie 11-27-2008 13:08

Hi Meg: :)

I'm sorry that you had to go through a Life like that which I'm sure was full of broken promises, not enough of the basics, a lack of Mom Love and much more.

Thankfully you succeeded in overcoming most of the hard times and are now enjoying Life as it should have been with Much Love and compassion. You're right! If we ALL stand strong we'll ALL survive the Bad stuff.

I Luv Ya! You're my Heroine! :rolleyes:

Sorry I've been swamped. I'll get those pics off to you soon.

Richard157 11-27-2008 16:46

You are strong!
Meg you are strong and you are not following that path. You are taking good care of yourself and setting a good example for your kids. I am proud of you!!! Thanks for being here for us and helping your fellow diabetics.

MissMeg 11-27-2008 18:31

Thank you everyone... I have to say that I have made some mistakes in my life but I have learned from them.. and it just makes me stronger. And it has made me who I am today ... I am not like some people and allow bad things that have happened bring me down-- I instead look at the opposite side and make the best out of it... I am so happy that I have this "family" here and so grateful for all of you and your support and caring nature-- Thank you

Anthill 11-28-2008 04:59

You are most welcome Meg (((HUGZ))) :D:D:D:p:rolleyes:

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