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Patdart 11-02-2011 09:44

New Findings...:(
Going thru some old mail, I found a final result of blood test results from a doctor I was using at the time unopened by me. She circled the results of a final blood test at the time of '04 that had me at 134 blood glucose, but no comment on it other than the circling of it on the report.

I was upset that she offered no advice, but then thought that was in the time I knew my Dad had been told by his internist that he was showing a higher than normal blood sugar, but to simply discard desserts in his diet. Since I knew he didn't have desserts as part of his diet, I ignored the advice since I didn't either. My new doctor never mentioned it, I assumed it was within normal bounds, but found it myself last year. Now, I am thinking after a year of diet and exercise, that I may ask for a test to prove that I am diabetic from my doctor. I'm thinking of asking for metformin as a trial to see if that will aid me. I'm controlling it with diet, but if Metformin will help let me eat a more normal diet, it will be easier to get thru the holidays, and then drop back to my usual diet I'm on now if that's a good idea.

What say you? I went thru the last year's holiday easily, but this year will be different. I will be away from home eating other people's cooking.

What difference did it make for you, when you went on it?

jwags 11-02-2011 14:27

I know we are all different but I don't think Metformin allows you to eat a normal diet without higher bgs. I take the maximum dose - 2550 mg and still have to keep my carbs 30-40 otherwise I spike very high. I know Holidays are hard for all of us. I found at the lower doses of metformin my bgs rarely fell below 150 and were always 200 after meals. Also some do have stomach upset for a few months with it. I am not sure you want to use it during the holidays. Now there are some other D drugs that you can take at meals that will overstimulate your insulin production. Starlix and Prandin are 2 of these drugs. You might want to discuss these with your doctor. Those could be taken just when you plan to overeat. I think the only problem might be hypos if you overstimulate too much.

Patdart 11-02-2011 19:00

Thanks, Jeanne, for your thoughts. I can get thru T'giving by taking a couple of dishes I can eat and just eating as I did last year. My problem will be C'mas where I'll be eating other people's cooking with no control other than eating as simply as I can. A lot of my meals will be out, so there I can order what will work, but I was hoping for some help from the metformin. As I understand it, it helps with IR. The sulfa class of drugs are out for me because I have a severe reaction to it and would be afraid of them causing a life threatening reaction to them. I was thinking that I could perhaps add 500 mg of metformin to see if I could tolerate it in the weeks to come.

Sigh, this ain't a lot of fun is it? As long as I prepare and eat my own meals I'm pretty safe and can keep it in check, but eating other's foods present a challenge. I'll be doing it for a little over two weeks...not just one meal as T'giving is!

Thanks, anyway! Just a thought...

moon 11-02-2011 19:41

Pat, you're so well-controlled now that your A1C wouldn't show diabetes would it? I guess you could force a high fasting number - is that what you're thinking?

Metformin can definitely help, but it does take a while. When I went on it, they had to supplement with glipizide (a sulfonylurea) for a month because metformin wasn't showing adequate results immediately. I'm not sure how many more carbs you could eat w/ metformin, but I'd be tempted not to mess with meds, and accept a little higher bg for a week or two when/if you eat off-program.

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