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nosugarforme 12-04-2011 23:28

angry as hell
I am angry as hell right now I am hungry and I want to eat normal be normal I am snapping at someone who really care for me all because of this stupid disease i hate it I hate everything right now looking at everyone eating cookies and rice and fries and chips and not even thinking twice I hate having to debate or should I say think about what I have to eat I am crying right now as I type this message why me I don't like feeling sorry for myself but I needed to cry I tired of being strong tired of trying to make myself believe everything go be fine I tired of thinking I go die just want back my simple life

Shalynne 12-05-2011 00:45


You've found a good place. Glad you're here! You'll find lots of info and support.

We all get frustrated sometimes. It's perfectly normal. Dealing with non-diabetics can be a huge challenge.

So is having to deal with tests, meds and carb-counting. Believe it or not, it becomes second-nature over time. As your sugars come under control, you should start to feel better ... and that makes all the hard work and eating changes much easier!

Please (if you wish) let us know more about your diabetes, your treatment, diet and the things that bug you.

Insulation Tim 12-05-2011 00:49

Just enjoy your "Pity Party" or would you prefer some cheese with your "whine". Get real!

ThoseBackPages 12-05-2011 00:55

welcome to the machine

foxl 12-05-2011 01:04

Not sure I ever felt angry like that. Shocked, yes, sad, yes.

I had already placed my own limits on diet (vegetarian) so always took it as a challenge to eat around those limits. So in that respect this was nothing new.

I was also used to dealing with a limited timme frame to come to grips with things, so despite feeling sad, I kind of hit the ground running, trying to figure out what to do, what to eat, current research, etc. I had enough to think about that way, I never did get mad, I guess.

ThoseBackPages 12-05-2011 01:27

Oh, i was mad alright.

Some days i still get mad. But i took it to the extreme in the other direction. i am crazy

jwags 12-05-2011 01:53

Yes, diabetes does change the choices we have to make. It may seem difficult now but as you get used to what you can and cannot eat, you will find all sorts of new choices. If you haven't already checked it out, check out our recipe forum. There is no reason you can't have cookies, fudge, muffins and all sorts of things. You just have to make them a little differently. Quite frankly, my Low Carb cookies taste so much better than the high carb version. Whenever I get a craving for high carb stuff I just think about how healthy I am now. I think about how high my bgs will go if I eat that piece of cake. Of course I am not perfecta and once in awhile I give in and eat a small piece but boy do I pay for it for days. Eventually you learn it is not worth it. The best way to deal with all the cravings is to start keeping low carb food around for snacking. Here is a list of my lc favorties

deviled eggs
deli meat
all sorts of cheese
all sorts of nuts
Atkins bars
GG crackers
WASA crackers
cream cheese. ricotta cheese and cottage cheese
raw veggies
stuff for salad
Bacon, sausage and other meats
Carbsmart Ice Cream Bars
85% or 90% Dark chocolate

Ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies - Almond Flour, Flaxseed, Ertythitol, Splenda, vanilla,butter, dark chocolate, pecans

JT. 12-05-2011 03:55

Yeah, I was like you mate.. Cry.. Grieve.... Sad... Hurtful.. Blame everyone even your parents who give you this... Think all sorts of negative!! Go and Cry OUT LOUD in a corner and then eat what you want FOR 1 DAY!!! Make sure you fill yourself up!!! ;);)

Give yourself a break... :)

And then come back here, discuss and PLAN when to come back and EAT like a Diabetic!!

You can do it!! I have FAITH IN YOU!!

PS: Am I too bold? :D:D:D

tony0611 12-05-2011 05:05

I am still sad and angry once in a while but then diabetes will not go.away.

You've got to accept it anyway ,might as well do it now

Spunky 12-05-2011 05:18

I would love to dive into a bowl of pasta, but if I did I know it would be 10 minutes of pleasure followed by a week or 2 of mentally beating myself up for giving in, while I battle to get my bg back down. It isn't worth it. If you don't have the will power to do it for yourself, maybe you can do it for your baby who needs a healthy mother.

jwags gave you some good advice. There is a good tasting low-carb substitute for most high-carb foods. There would be no way to keep my diabetic husband on a low carb diet if the food wasn't good and didn't include sweets. He brags about my low-carb cooking, and many of the recipes I use came from this site.

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