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grammaB 03-31-2016 01:12

Not hard to figure out. gramma B is who I am to 4 of the sweetest young girls you could ever meet!

cdncatlover 04-01-2016 07:55


cdn is the short form for Canadian. I'm in Canada.
catlover, well I simply LOVE cats. :biggrin:

VeeJay 04-01-2016 14:40

My initials, spelled out.

Santosh 04-04-2016 05:25

Santosh - my first name.

I generally use a different display name on user boards/forums i.e Doctor. I was a computer doctor for my friends during my Engineering days :biggrin: Even today, my friends call me doctor though I am an Engineer :wink2:

Since this is a serious forum, I thought of using my real name and not to confuse others by using name 'Doctor' :biggrin:

Cricket 05-03-2016 03:02

Cricket: I was born with the hiccups. The first time my daddy saw me, he was horrified. He told everyone who would listen that I was the ugliest baby he had ever seen and that I sounded just like a cricket. From that day forward, I have always been known as Cricket.

VS: VerticalScope - the company I work for.

div2live 05-03-2016 17:27

Like many guys I had a midlife crisis, mine hit me at 47 (a bit later than most)? But, instead of turning in my wife for two 20 year olds, as some lost souls do, I quit working for the company I had been with for over 17 years, got in shape, talked my wife into taking a SCUBA certification course, and then we took a long vacation where we scuba dived all over the Caribbean. This was all funded by a college fund we had set up for our oldest son, who got a full ride to we had that fun money! Then after our trip I got an easy job and went back to night school to get an MBA which I finished 22 months later....!

That was one of the best times in our my name on many websites is div2live....! Now that I am retired, we both still dive but are somewhat limited by our age and my Type II meds....

ShottleBop 05-03-2016 18:37

"Shottle Bop" is a story by Theodore Sturgeon, about a man who is given a great power, which he abuses, out of greed. In the end, he gets what's coming to him. I use the name as a reminder.

Wikipedia Link (but if you Google the name, you can find the story to read online).

VeeJay 05-04-2016 01:18

I have always wondered about your name, ShottleBop, and hadn't known about the story. Mystery solved!

Katieboosmama 05-04-2016 13:57

Mine is easy, My daughter's name is Katie, we call her Katieboo, so I am Katieboosmama. I use this name on most boards I am on.

Emile 05-23-2016 08:13

Ratatouille, who doesn't low the garbage eating rat, he is adorable.

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