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Cricket 12-16-2016 17:01

How Will You Be Spending Christmas This Year?
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How will you be spending Christmas this year?

Do you have any special family traditions?

hftmrock 12-16-2016 17:36

I usually go to my sisters house for Christmas but this year we are going there this Sunday.

We will be on a cruise to the Western Caribbean leaving on 12/24


mbuster 12-17-2016 14:29

Tonight kind of kicks off Christmas here, it is cookie night. All the kids and grandkids come over and eat pizza, Pawpaw eats the Huts plain chicken wings and maybe the topping off of a couple of pieces of meat lovers if any is left. Then the kitchen table is cleared and the grandkids start decorating the 8 dozen or so plain cookies Nana baked yesterday. They have been using paint brushes to brush on the base frosting, this year I think they are trying something they can apply with squeeze catsup and mustard bottles before adding all the decorations. Should be interesting, glad I'm not the one cleaning up afterwards.

Go to BH's sisters house for Christmas Eve evening. It's usually a Mexican themed, everyone bring a dish or two get together. After eating we open gifts between the families.

Christmas Day will begin with Nana and Pawpaw opening gifts to each other and acting surprised, grandkids will come in and out to showing what Santa brought them, and end with most of the family coming here for Christmas dinner. After that, recuperating for next year begins.

Wink 12-18-2016 06:51

We're having a very special Christmas this year. My daughter and her husband rented two cabins on one property at the foot of Mount Rainier - White Christmas here we come! My two college-girl granddaughters and their boyfriends will be there as well as my husband and I, and everyone's dogs. Four days of winter fun, food (I may cheat just a little), board games, and cards. My daughter also decreed that all gifts must be handmade. I've been sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, and hubby has helped with some woodworking. I'm really excited about it.

VeeJay 12-18-2016 13:51

Wink, I am envious - that sounds like a perfect getaway. And handmade gifts?... just the very thing I would love to participate in.

Our Christmas will be very quiet. Just hubby and me, and maybe my brother if he's in town. I will not be cooking much - probably go out to a restaurant that serves on Christmas so hubby can get the carb-loaded meal - and I'll have salmon, which they do very nicely. (Perkin's, if anyone is interested.)

Most of our Christmas celebration is through church services. I love the old Christmas hymns. My husband sings in the choir - which is doing their cantata this morning - along with a short children's program (always a hit!).

ShottleBop 12-23-2016 17:06

For as long as I can remember (been married for 43 years, now), Mrs. S's extended family (hers is Catholic/Christian, ours is Jewish) has gathered at one house or another for potluck Christmas dinner and a family-wide gift exchange. Menu is more or less: turkey, ham (as the Jewish members of the family, we traditionally bring the ham), menudo, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, yams, salad, veggies, side dishes, fruit salad, rolls, and a table full of assorted cakes, cookies, and candies. Beverages include coffee, tea, sugar-free drinks, and whatever alcoholic beverages folks contribute.

I pretty much stick to meat, veggies (raw broccoli, cauliflower, celery, salad--and the family is usually good about putting dressings and things like that "on the side"), and an alcoholic beverage or two.

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