Accuracy of my meter - Page 2

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Accuracy of my meter - Page 2

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Originally Posted by itissteve View Post
I'm a bit surprised no one has mentioned control solution.
Most (on diabetes website forums), I've found, find the solution useless, so you won't get much of a response. Myself, I find it very useful as it's the only media you can use to test your meter and strips that has a consistency to it.

Meters are rarely "off". Never had one that actually was. So that part of the equation doesn't concern me. The only other variables are test strips, temperature, human error and blood homogeneity.

Test strip control solution usually comes in 3 ranges. I use the middle range because...well...that's usually where my values lie.

For instance: My current test strip container reads; #2 103-139mg/dL. That means than when this test strip batch was tested...the #2 range was 121mg/dL. 121mg/dL minus 15% equals 102.85mg/dL. 121mg/dL plus 15% equals 139.15mg/dL There's your error range!

So...I put a drop of control solution on a mirror, use a test strip...I get 120mg/dL. I do that again...I get 119mg/dL. Close enough.

Now...if I got 126mg/dL a couple times then what I would do is subtract 5mg/dL from any blood test because that's what those strips are off by...for that test strip container.

Trust me...if the "control solution" was useless - they wouldn't spend an extra penny on manufacturing it.

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Originally Posted by Bounty View Post
Myself, I find [control solution] very useful as it's the only media you can use to test your meter and strips that has a consistency to it.
Well, see, that's my take on it, too. In an area full of variables, it's nice to be able to rule out a couple of them and control solution does that.

Trust me...if the "control solution" was useless - they wouldn't spend an extra penny on manufacturing it.
The irony is that few products are more difficult to use in real terms. Control solution should be included with every vial of test strips. But not only is control solution not included with test strips; it usually is not sold where test strips are sold and the quantity in which it is sold is ridiculous considering how much is needed for calibration and how long it lasts (90 days, typically). I think that hassle factor is another reason why so many don't bother with it. More's the pity.

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I was using Contour Next, and the kit came with a solution to test the meter. Unfortunately, my insurance company doesn't cover the lancets or strips for that meter, so I had to switch meters. I now use One Touch 2, and I don't know if there is a solution to test the meter.

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I found out last week something is wrong with my meter. I called the company they sent me a control solution. It is showing everything is ok, so I called back they are sending me a new meter. After fasting and blood sugars staying under 110 for a while a spike of 138 is way out of the trend range. ( thanks for mentioning that, by the way, veejay) the first thing they told me was I was not suppose to take back to back readings. I told them I know that they would not be the same number but back to back readings should not be 138 and then down to 106. When my BG had not been over 120 in a couple weeks. This really discourages me, more than any other setback. I explained to the lady, 20% either way was a 40 point spand of error, and did very little to help a diabetic. Most of us, or me anyway, pay close attention to how I feel. Many times I have been dizzy, stomach hurting and headache after excercize. I know my BS has dropped and I just grab a couple reesie pieces candy and I'm good. But I have never seen the results of very low on my meter, I don't believe it reads that low. When it reads 80 I feel great, so I know it going below that. ( maybe, I think????) so confusing.

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I hope you get better and more consistent results with the new meter.

I had a Relion meter that became inconsistent. Eventually I thought to change the battery in it. It worked much better after that. Just something to keep in mind.

Another thing to put the meter issues in perspective. Before we had this admittedly imperfect tool, there were only the litmus paper pee strips for which the "reading" would be hours old and not all that accurate. Diabetic's control improved greatly with meters.

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