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NSDad126 10-01-2018 22:17

Bariatric Surgery vs keto
It has begun.

My wife started her 8 day pre-op liquid diet in preparation for her bariatric surgery on October 9th.

I'm supporting her lifestyle choice as much as possible by matching her dietary changes with my own.

She is headed for a 30 day liquid phase. I'll do the same while attempting to keep my diet LCHF.

I don't expect to be conforming to a traditional ketogenic diet but I have no intention on eating apple sauce or drinking low fat milk like the doctors have recommended for my wife.

I also have no intention of nit picking or criticising her diet. That would not be supportive.

Anyway, please wish both of us luck. Things are about to get real for us LOL.

itissteve 10-01-2018 23:05

Good luck, NSDad and NSMom!

My wife underwent bariatric surgery many years ago and has learned to accommodate the changes in lifestyle it calls for (smaller meals, greater attention to nutrients, etc.). If you were to ask her, I think she would do it again. I applaud your efforts to support your wife in preparation for her surgery.

My wife and I have kind of been on the flip side of where you are now. Now that I'm eating keto, my wife is, too, with her additional carbs largely in the form of chosen treats. She gets her treats and I don't have to cook rice/noodles/have that kind of stuff laying around the house as a temptation. I must say I'm surprised by how well her system has adjusted to eating keto; originally we figured it would be a real issue but it has not been, so you may be able to look forward to eating the same meals for quite some time to come. :smile2:

mbuster 10-02-2018 01:06

Best of luck to you both.

Being supportive as you are doing is a big step for you and a big help for her. I've seen that being critical and nit picking only makes things worse.

alamogirl 10-02-2018 15:19

Best Wishes to the both of you. Very admirable of you to go through the dietary changes with her :)

NSDad126 10-05-2018 10:34

this week has been a week of protein shakes and strained soups.

I've been adding olive oil to my shakes, hers are low fat.

I'm using an unsweetened almond milk instead if milk. It is a new shopping list item for me and overall I'm impressed with it. The sweetened variety has too many carbs, I won't buy it.

My wife has been using milk but switched to the almond milk yesterday. She found that the almond milk was more filling and her general sense of craving food was reduced.

Do you know the saying 'You don't know what you don't know.'? Well, I havent had regular milk in almost a year so there would be no way for me to know that about milk vs almond milk.

Chaidragonfire 10-06-2018 01:25

I'm sure bariatric surgery has come a long way since I was thinking about it back in the 90's....... All I can say is be very careful, and make sure your doctors are top notch. I hope she gets what she wants out of it.

As for the almond milk, I love the stuff. I changed to almond milk a long time ago, and never regretted it. They even make different forms of almond milk, like almond cream and almond milk coffee creamer.

I like the honey almond milk, but the stores around here stopped selling it, so I just get the unsweetened vanilla almond milk and put a bit of real honey in it. It's takes the "blah" out of it for me and gives it a little "yum" factor. If you do artificial sweeteners, you can put some of that in there also.

They also have cashew milk, which I thought I would love, since I'm addicted to cashews, but tasted funny to me, so I'm sticking with almond milk.

There's also different brands of almond milk, some are more watery tasting to me than Blue Diamond Almond Milk. I like it the best, as it's more creamy to me than the other brands. The chocolate almond milk is good too.

NSDad126 10-07-2018 12:50

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I have to admit that I'm hungery. The protien shakes and almons milk are not doing it for me. In the past week I've cheated (ie ate solid food) several times.

once i ate a can of waxed yellow beans with hot sauce.

yesterday i ate a 1 cup can of black olives with a tbspoon of olive oil

but most embarassing, I've got a jar of peanut butter and I'm about 1 cup into it over the last week. So basically I'm cheating but not in the same way as when I'm in a full blown 'I need ice cream' mode.

i wonder what the protien shakes are doing to my blood glucose.

as i write this, I realise that I havent been testing my blood sugars or breathe ketones. I'll test before and after my morning smoothy but I'll also have to test all day because if my morning numbers are high it might lead me to the wrong conclusions.


a new blog article, I wrote the draft to it about a month ago but finally updated and published it today

NSDad126 10-09-2018 01:55

my wife's surgery is tommorow. Today was clear liquids only for her, which includes chicken bone broth.

I'm proud of her, she had less than 500 calories of clear liquids yet - thanks to the bone broth - she still had about 80g of protein.

I've been a fan of bone broth since I read keto clarity by jimmy moore. But now I'm an even bigger fan of it.

My wife has been mixing my home made bone broth with equal parts walmart bone broth. She says it makes the walmart bone broth taste better

mbuster 10-09-2018 02:24

Best of wishes for your wife to have a successful operation. Let us know how it goes.

On a less serious note, go eat a cheeseburger tomorrow while she's in recovery, we won't tell.

NSDad126 10-09-2018 14:17


Originally Posted by mbuster (Post 1311715)
Best of wishes for your wife to have a successful operation. Let us know how it goes.

On a less serious note, go eat a cheeseburger tomorrow while she's in recovery, we won't tell.

lol too funny! thank you for the best wishes

i'm in the hospital cafeteria waiting for my wife to get out of surgery.

I was hoping to get something to eat. I was hopinh for somr low carb options. looks like they have some great tasting muffins, and crousants but nothing low carb.

. I settled for peanuts from the vending machine, and a coffee. ironic that i can get the same from a convenience store. lol

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