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Cricket 12-10-2018 18:55

What Are Your Plans For 2019?
What are your plans for 2019?

Will you be making any changes?

Will you be more focused on controlling your blood sugar?

rsfletcher 12-10-2018 18:57

Try not to let work related things stress me out -

The count down has begun 3 years 7 months I'm retiring from my Day Job hopefully to fill my days with more recreational activities.

Hopefully I still have my health at that time so I can do my best to enjoy it.

Chaidragonfire 12-11-2018 13:53

My only plan is to get most of my bills paid off.

itissteve 12-11-2018 14:21

In 2019 I'll try to lose the rest of the weight I have to lose (about 30 pounds; the official charts say more but I'll be happy with 30 more off). I kind of feel like I took a year off from weight loss, even though I lost 7 pounds this year anyway. I'm guessing this will take a bit more focus on what I'm eating and how active I am.

mbuster 12-12-2018 14:54

Try to get and keep my weight below 170 lbs. Currently lower 170's.
Try more than 24 hour fastings occasionally.
Try to get a little more bike riding done.
Prep for retirement. Major focus on this.

etherea 12-18-2018 13:11

I'm planning to keep my blood sugar and weight down. I'll be eligible for Medicare in August and hoping to retire in 2019.

soapluvr 12-18-2018 17:17

To keep on ketoing!! Or LCHFing. I've been able to keep my glucose below the prediabetic range for ten years just with diet and sometimes supplements.

I have noticed that in the past three years I don't have the desire to cheat as much during the holidays. A cookie here or there a few times a week. Before this time I would have pigged out on sweets at any party I went to.

NSDad126 12-19-2018 15:33

I plan to reboot my fasting and keto way of life. In fact, I've started today( yesterday was my last day of work until 2019)

I'm doing an audio blog of '126 days of NSdad126'. My general plan is to do 126 seconds of audio each day. This is enough to share what i'm doing and how I'm doing it, but it is short enough to restrict me from falling into a preachy/lecturing trap.

I want to teach by doing and sharing, not preaching or pretending that I know more than anyone else, if that makes any sense.

PhoenixFire 12-23-2018 21:28

Pizza for every meal!!!

Just kidding. I'm going to try a Mediterranean diet.

ulf 12-28-2018 23:31

Going to be 60 six months from now. I am planning to revive my mountain bike routine, continue some DIY home repairs that have been lying in the backburner due to torpor and depression (due to unemployment, uncertainty about the future, and possibly, andropause). But most of all, I am seriously embarking on this journey to live the Dharma --- cut down on stress, improve my attitude towards life, death and rebirth; accept and make peace with my current karma; embrace and accept diabetes as one of the realities in this life (everybody is destined to get sick and die, anyway), and continue my meditation practice --- generally, make peace with everybody, refrain from doing evil, do everything that's good and achieve peace of mind and contentment by purifying my mind through meditation. I've been getting lots of improvements in my blood chemistry since I started my meditation practice a few months back (i.e., no changes in current medication dosages). And I am slowly regaining my motivation and focus in my life. Maybe the ancient sages are correct --- happiness and the solutions to your sufferings are to be found from within you. Just my two cents worth. Happy New Year, everybody. Peace.

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