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sparsh 05-05-2012 23:29

Technology for Diabetes Management

I am not a Diabetic myself, but my Grandmother is a type 2. She needs help with her diabetes management. I recently brought her a tablet and I was getting her on forums. I was wondering if there are some very usefull websites for information, for help like answering questions and also some useful diabetes apps in the market out there.

Patdart 05-05-2012 23:46

Two good site are Blood Sugar 101 and also Diet Doctor - Real food for your health for learning besides this her how to use it and she can see what we eat and do and maybe she'll join us here!

David Burke 05-05-2012 23:52


As far as apps, several use one called glucose buddy. I don't use it personally as my meter has a program that I'm able to download my stored info into.

But try some the free apps. If you don't like it get rid of it. Only thin you lose is time. Once you find one you like you can upgrade or keep te free one.

For food tracking apps try calorie king. It's got a good database. I use it along with one called lose it. The two work well together and both are free.

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grammaB 05-06-2012 00:01

I really like Glucose Buddy. I track my bg, bp, activity, A1c, and weight on it. It also will track meds and food. I haven't done foods as you have to go to another app and link and I am not interested in that....I log my food in a notebook. I haven't added the meds either as I don't use insulin so it would be the same every day and that seems a waste of time.

When you sync with the website you can see some pretty cool graphs that give a great visual of your bg, wt, bp etc.

sparsh 05-06-2012 00:53

Thanks, what about general ones like Web MD
Thanks for the responses!

I wanted to ask you about general health apps like Web MD, HealthTap etc.

Do you use those, are those effective in answering questions? I was particularly curious after learning about HealthTap where they get US Licensed physicians to answer your questions promptly. Is anyone aware of other places like these and their effectiveness?

jwags 05-06-2012 01:03

Welcome to our forum. Can you tell us a little more about your grandmother? How long has she had Diabetes, which type? Which meds or insulins does she use? What is her diet like?

Type 2 diabetes is a disorder of carb metabolism. We either don't produce enough insulin to cover the carbs or the insulin we do produce isn't used efficiently. So we are unable to eat the normal Western Diet without high blood sugars.

There are lots of good websites and low carb forums out there. Blood Sugar 101 is the best. I also like Gretchen Beckers blog.

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