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mbuster 02-06-2019 22:57

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I remember something about having a challenge thread with photography, but don't remember it getting started. I guess we were waiting on me. Come on everyone, give me your best shot, or would that be shoot.

I cleaned out my martin houses today, the birds should start arriving soon. Here is a picture of the pole of gourds taken last year on a double rainbow day.

itissteve 02-06-2019 23:28

Oh, you don't want to see pictures of what it looks like around here right now. :vs_frown: Leaden skies, several inches of snow predicted over the current ice, and ... even I don't want to look at it.

Do the pictures have to be current? Or just something local or interesting?

mbuster 02-07-2019 00:12

This was last summer, everything that is green in this picture is brown right now.

I didn't look long for the thread where the challenge was talked about, but I'll see what I find after supper.

Anybody want rules for the challenge? I would think the picture should be one we took, maybe a family member, if you didn't happen to have hold of the camera. What about while on some outdoor activity?

itissteve 02-07-2019 00:49

mbuster, here's the thread you're thinking of.

I'm in. I think it should be pictures we take ourselves. Outdoors? Well, I'd be fine with that some other month. :laugh2: There's nothing that says this has to be a one-shot, either; we could do it a few times through the year (or more).

Others? Whaddaya think?

mbuster 02-07-2019 02:50

Yes, that was it. I'm game with what ever anybody wants to do.

Off for a scenic bike ride, however scenic the TV is. I'll be on the trainer tonight.

VeeJay 02-07-2019 14:30

I'd be happy to join, as long as you're not limiting pics of things outdoors. I'd be more inclined to artistic still life.

div2live 02-07-2019 15:30

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Let me see what I can find, attaching it will be my challenge here...I call this "Sun up at the Levee" a recent duck hunting trip, those are decoys and we did not shoot a bird, but the sun up was something to behold!

mbuster 02-07-2019 20:17

Cricket may still have something on the burner on this.

I'm good with it being any theme.

Cassie2922 02-08-2019 02:02

How do I insert a picture? It asks me for a url address.

itissteve 02-08-2019 02:31

Cassie, under the area where you type the text for a new message, click on the Go Advanced button and then click on the paper-clip icon. That will let you select files (pictures) you can upload.

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