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mbuster 09-21-2019 11:15

Anybody still testing ketones?
Anybody still testing for ketones with urine strips, breath analyzers, or blood ketone meters?

I think that blood ketones is probably the best way to know. Haven't used my Ketonix breath analyzer in a while. I think it needs to go back for the upgraded model. I'm still checking with urine strips occasionally but feel they tell me very little.

This morning the strips color barely changed any at all, my blood ketones were 0.7.

itissteve 09-21-2019 13:39

The folks over at /reddit/keto think measuring ketones is of little value and constantly advise against strips and analyzers. They believe if you stay at or under 20 grams of carbs a day, confirming ketosis is unnecessary.

While I don't agree completely with the reddit approach to keto, this recommendation makes sense to me. I think you can tell if you're in ketosis, and, if you are, the degree to which you're in ketosis is not important.

mbuster 09-21-2019 16:56

At what value do they put as "being in ketosis"? If <0.5 is out and >0.5 is in then there could be some value to someone on the border, unless to them the "close" rule applies like in horseshoes and hand grenades. I would think the test values would be more meaningful to someone that is trying to stay keto adapted for endurance activities. Confirming???Really?

Just to aggravate the folks at reddit/keto, my blood ketones level after my bike ride was a 1.0. I've measured twice today. LOL.

itissteve 09-22-2019 02:01

A lot of the posters at /reddit/keto are using keto just to lose weight, not for the management of diabetes or related metabolic disorders. And few of them seem to be using it in relation to a serious training regimen.

tbh the posters there who are interested in finding the limits typically are not rewarded by the loudest voices/most prolific posters on that subreddit. Keeping carbs under 20 grams a day is an easy rule of thumb to follow but hardly is an absolute number for people who are willing to test to find their own limits.

Speaking personally, I've never used a keto strip and could not tell you what my ketosis level is at any point. Yet I've managed my BG/A1c and lost weight without high knowledge of my ketone levels. So, right or wrong, I've just let it be. At least so far, it's worked.

mbuster 09-22-2019 15:48

Looks like all the logic on not testing is not to spend money on test strips, not exactly scientific logic in reddit/keto. Some in reddit/ketoscience seem to have a differing opinion. Latest posts in doing a search for "testing ketones" at the top of the reddit/keto page. Newest threads with that title are 8 and 12 months old.

It is leading to other interesting reading though.

Depending on one's own goals and purpose of ketosis, testing may be meaningless or all important.

moon 09-29-2019 00:40

Funny you should ask! I recently dusted off my old Precision Xtra meter and ordered some strips. The prices have really come down on those. Back in the day we were ordered from a Canadian pharmacy because they were several dollars each here! Now they're <$1 US.

My urinalysis indicated ketosis a few weeks ago and since then I've had some higher carb days (50-60) that I suspect threw me out. Should be back in week after next and will start sporadically using them again.

re the Reddit comment - I was never able to tell when I went in/out of ketosis without using strips. Their value to me now will be to give me a better idea of when I'm on track (carbs, amount fat, etc) and to do some spot checking once more stable.

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