Novolog/Lantus and Hunger?

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Novolog/Lantus and Hunger?

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Question Novolog/Lantus and Hunger?

Oh my god, this is driving me insane. I started Novolog and Lantus on Monday (dropped the Actos and Glyburide), and I have been ravenous almost constantly. I just got home a few minutes ago from the steakhouse, where I almost finished a 22oz porterhouse by myself (before Monday, I would usually eat an 8oz filet, and be full). And I'm hungry AGAIN. My doctor didn't warn me about this... is it normal?

A side note, my numbers are HORRIBLE... above 200 most of the time. She started me on 8u of Lantus (which I've been doing at night) and 6/8/10-12u of Novolog, based on low/moderate/high carb. She didn't give me any carb numbers though... so based on the high BS, I've been doing 12u for every meal, in the hopes that at least post meal will be good... no such luck. Any advice from the other insulin shooters out there?


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That was the insulin I was given when I got out the hospital. I did have those hunger craving when I started lowering my carb count. I noticed that the cravings were really bad when my PP number was coming back from a higher than expected reading. Found out I needed to inject my Novolog about 30 mins prior to eating then it worked out nicely. Novolog is funny like that. It's effectiveness and speed if onset seems to vary person to person as well as injection site to injection site.

I was also on a higher Lantus dose than you. In the hospital I was doing 40u twice a day. Then worked that down to 20u twice a day. Splitting the basal dosage seemed to work best for me, not sure how it would work for you.

Also, try and calculate your insulin:carb ratio and correction ratios rather than basing it on level of carbs. Doing the whole serving thing may not work for you, but using an actual total may.

Hope that helps a little bit.

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I don't know if this is true or not but with humalog can you eat straight away i was told you could but i always thought you had to wait approx 30 mins

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This is a good lesson for everyone. Reaction times vary for everyone and one recommendation does not fit everyone. I find that if I inject my Novolog more than 12 minutes before starting to eat, I will quickly be in the hypoglycemic range. Others can do the 30 minute range and have no problems.

This is the time you need to fight the hunger pangs or you will gain weight rapidly. Insulin now makes the blood glucose readily available to the cells which the oral medications were not ass rapidly doing. Until you can fight off the hunger pangs you will gain weight. These will become less fairly soon as your body adjusts to the increased efficiency of insulin. I remember the hunger pangs of starting oral medications and when this did not bring my blood glucose levels down where they should have been, four months later I was put on insulin and had the hunger again. Withing about two weeks (for me) I was okay and then started restricting my carbohydrates even faster and eventually was at low carb.

What really helped me was increasing my fat intake slowly to about 45 to 60% of total intake. For many people, this does not sit well because of several decades of hearing that fat is bad for us. Trans fats are, but unsaturated is not and limited amounts of saturated will not harm us. If upon research, you find that this will work for you, do not increase fat intake overnight. Going from 10 to 15 % fat to 50% fat in a week will be worse for you than staying 15% fat. I took six months to bring mine up, but since have been told I could have done it in two to three months.

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