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fiesta 12-31-2012 16:36

I need a Diabetes Thermometer
What is a good Diabetes Thermometer?

I have looked on the internet and I have found different types.
I am getting my hands buned and my skin in the shower and when washing my hands.

I am in pain.

One is the LED thermometer. It turns blue, red and green to let you know when it is the correct temperature. That would be green for "go." Has anyone heard of it?

Is there a better one?

Please help me.


optimist 12-31-2012 16:38

What is a diabetes thermometer?

MCS 12-31-2012 16:51

Not sure I every heard of a diabetic thermometer. There are however faucets that are adjustable as to never let the hot water get above a preset temp. We have them installed in our house not by me, they just came with the house. I have them turned all the way up and the hot water heater at max. I like hot water. There is a set screw that stops the hot water knob from opening to far.

Why don't you just turn down the hot water heater, its adjustable. Turn it down to 100-120, no chance of burning at that temp.

fiesta 12-31-2012 17:58

I cannot tell the hot from the cold when I turn on the faucet.

When I think it is warm, I burn myself. I do not know if it is too hot or too cold.
If I put the hot water heater at a set temperature, the cold water will burn my skin.

What faucets are adjustable?

Shanny 12-31-2012 18:29

How is cold water going to burn your skin? It may feel like it burns, but it cannot cause damage like the hot water can. I think lowering the setting on the hot water heater is the easiest solution for this problem.

VeeJay 12-31-2012 20:26

As a quick temporary solution for determining water temperature, you could put a candy thermometer in the water to see how warm/hot it is. Down side is it takes a bit for the mercury to reach its high level. It would certainly work fine for bath water.

David Burke 12-31-2012 20:38

I think this may fit what your asking for.

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silvertiger 12-31-2012 22:02

A good thing to do would be to turn down your hot water heater temperature so that you can no longer burn yourself. I know some parents who do that to protect their children as well.

fiesta 01-01-2013 17:42

The one David recommended is at It has different colors to let you know what the temperature is. We also ordered one for the faucet.


foxl 01-01-2013 18:00

Good, but I agree, having kids -- DO turn down your hot water heater! Saves $$$ too!

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