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ChrisRubin 08-02-2013 21:19

New to insulin - Fasting question
Hi there, I am new to this forum and to diabetes treatment beyond diet and exercise. I have had pre diabetes since 2002 (probably my whole life but that was when it was noticed). My husband and I are planning on starting a family and my endocrinologist put me on insulin to get my sugars down to 90-110 for conception. They usually run a fasting of 130s to high 150s. Low 130s is a good morning.

I am on 10units of Humlin at "bedtime". However my schedule can be weird so I try to take it between 10p-12a per my doctor.

My question - when should I really be taking this insulin? between 10p-12a or when I actually lay my head down on a pillow for 8 or so hours of sleep even if its 3a?

One night I took it at 10p, woke up at 6:30a and was 113. Then I went back to bed and checked again at 8:30 and was 133. Another day I took it at 11:30p, woke up at 7:30a and it was 112; I didn't go back to bed and went about my day and didn't check again. Yesterday I took it at 11:30p, woke up at 9:30a and it was 131.

So while I'm lower than usual at low 130s, I do seem to get down to the low 1teens around the 6th-8th hours only to spike up again a short time later.

I JUST started this whole thing and will be adjusting to 12 units tonight to see how that goes. I'm just curious as to why when I'm almost at my target point I jump back up between 8-10 hour mark. And I believe that's when it's suppose to be at its peak. And if taking more insulin will indeed fix this problem without dipping me so low (if I'm already hitting 1teen numbers at some point) before jumping up to a 90-110 number.

I hope this all makes sense.

Thank you for any insight.

foxl 08-02-2013 23:01

Humulin is a basal? Then when you eat should not much matter. I have never used it though and am not familiar with its peakiness.

I would suggest getting Using Insulin, and Think Like a Pancreas -- two excellent books on the topic.

diabetes86 08-02-2013 23:21

Is it Humulin N or Humulin R your taking?

I was on N and it has a definite peek at 5 to 6 hours, I would go low if I did not eat around then.

I switched to Lantus, it has no peek for me and lasts 24 hours to

ChrisRubin 08-02-2013 23:26

It is the Humulin N pen. Doc says I need to take it at 10pm every night no matter what. Maybe it's my inconsistency that's making it a little weird. I'm taking it anywhere between 10p-12a.

JT Reagan 08-03-2013 00:46

It probably is your inconstancy. Even if you are not going to bed at 10 p.m., take it. Or, choose to take it at midnight if you are a night owl. I would think that between 10 pm and 12 midnight would be good. However, have you been doing this for less than two weeks? Perhaps you body needs to adjust?

diabetes86 08-03-2013 04:16

humulin N is a 12 hour insulin so by hour 8, 9, 10 its loosing its effectiveness.

BG chainges all the time and using an insulin that has a peek efectivness does not help to get an even number all the time. (in fact you cant) what you try to do is get the range of numbers down to a good level. eventually you want to be between 70 and 120. It can be done takes patients (sp) and good record keeping, keep a record of what you eat, when, and your BG. test before you eat, 1 hour and 2 hours after you eat take these numbers to the MD that info will help a lot to adj your insulin.

ChrisRubin 08-07-2013 06:55

Thanks and follow up question
Thank you everyone. I started to take it at 10 each night (Or atleast between 10-10:30) and have noticed my sugars between 97-120s. This is a huge improvement thanks to what I believe is consistency. I'll probably go up to 14 units soon to reach my 90-110 target, but thanks for your guys' help.

hitcheca 08-07-2013 14:52

Better to try adjusting 1-2 units at a time. 4 units at once may be too much. Go up gradually until your readings are where you want them, not more often than every 2 days or so.

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