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RobertIA 07-17-2015 06:49

Statin Problems
I thought this article needs exposure as it spells out most of the problems people can have with statins. It can be found here The Grave Dangers of Statin Drugsā€”and the Surprising Benefits of Cholesterol .

This is especially significant because the USDA guidelines have dropped the argument against cholesterol in the upcoming guidelines to be finalized this year.

To me this confirms what many on this forum are doing with LCHF and even the ADA has given this some credible validity.

Kale 07-18-2015 01:02

Statins are a very touchy topic for me. So, I'll just leave it at that without going off.:)

lethabjones 07-24-2015 22:17

Robert, thanks so much for this. I was prescribed Simvastatin (40mg) and Nitrostat (0.4 mg) back in May when I suddenly started suffering from severe chest pains and elevated cardiac enzymes and was admitted into the hospital. One day after my release from the hospital, I had a weird reaction that I immediately attributed to the statins (because it had never happened before). I blacked out and was told by my husband that I tried to jump from our moving vehicle and accused him of trying to kill me. This happened shortly after I'd taken the medicines for horrible chest pains. I still don't understand what's going on with my body though because my cholesterol was described as "perfect" by the doctors, but my triglycerides were totally out of whack. They've never been that high before, but the cardiologist said it's because my diabetes is poorly controlled. Well, it's been poorly controlled since I was diagnosed in 2009! I've been so terrified of it that I'm afraid to eat and I work out like crazy. But I'm grateful to you for this article. I have enough health issues without adding on to them with harmful drugs.

RobertIA 07-24-2015 23:20

If this helps, great. Statins should not be for everyone although most doctors desire everyone to be taking them. For many, the harms outweigh the benefits and a few doctors are finding this out after the fact.

The low carb/high fat menu that many on this forum use works, not only for cholesterol management, but for blood glucose management as well.

Patdart 07-25-2015 01:28

Letha, first of all, some new studies are finding that statins do nothing for women do no good and only aid men after a heart attack so I'd wonder if they are in order for you, but I'm no doctor, so you need to ask about that.

The diet Robert mentions works like a charm for most of us Type 2's. My HDL doubled and my tris went to half in just a few months. Of course, I had to give up my cornbread, sandwiches, peas, beans, etc. They were however replaced with bacon, eggs, whipping cream, butter and numerous other goodies that I'd been taught were dangerous for me. I'm willing to give up my hot water cornbread for a rib-eye. Just a matter of learning a new way of living. And you know, I can eat all the pimento cheese on delicious crackers(in our recipes) until I am full. I can still have my turnip greens, etc. cooked with bacon fat or even fat back.

It ain't all bad! If you are a reader, give Blood Sugar 101 a good read and you'll know more than any medical person will ever know.

I'm no doctor, but just a happy camper to have been doing this 5 years now and with normal or even better than normal test scores.

Shanny 08-29-2015 20:23

What is your way-of-eating that lowers your cholesterol, SLB? What we use is low-carb/high-fat, and it is literally MAGIC in regulating our lipids! Who knew? It was the carbs all these years that was raising our cholesterol! :rolleyes:

div2live 08-30-2015 16:11

I told my Doctor last time I saw him in July, that I was getting off of Simvastatin. I have never had "high" cholesterol, only 'borderline' high. Yet I was put on statins to avoid going over that line.

Since I joined this website, did my own research, I decided to get off of this drug. End of discussion for me....if anything changes for the bad on my lipid profiles, I will talk further and do more research, but for more!

Strawberry 09-02-2015 13:25

I spent 3-1/2 yrs trying to find a statin that I could tolerate without having horrendous muscle pains. Finally I said "No more" and quit. My cholesterol is not good but my current PCP and I have an understanding that these drugs are just not good for me. I saw the following on a Facebook group and just have to wonder - 'who is benefitting from THIS one'?

Patdart 09-02-2015 18:46

Of course you know, Strawberry.Big Pharma...:)

Roxanne0312 11-03-2015 15:41

If you are taking a statin and experience muscle aches and weakness you may be experience a known serious side effect of statin medications.

Rhabdomyolysis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

This happens in 10% of people who take statins, so it's not a rare side effect. My doctors finanlly believed me that this drug was actually killing me.

I suffered a heart attack, had angio in hopsital with complete kidney failure while being treated for heart attack and blockage. It was discovered when the ck's enzymes would not go down 3 days after the heart attack indicating that some muscle (was not heart muscle at this point).

What I experienced months before was extreme muscle aches, weakness, and fatique and mental confusion. The same enzymes test they give to test for heart muscle damage can pick up if your metabolizing skeletal muscle for protein.

I do not take statins. If a medication make u feel bad then don't take it. And what's sad is all thst confortattion and my lipid panel didn't make one bit of difference on it or off of them.

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