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stevenal1 06-27-2015 15:20

I tried a meat ball, marinara, and zoodle dish at the Cultured Caveman restaurant recently; and was very impressed. Much better than anything I've made with shirataki. Could have used a bit of parmesan, though. Does anyone have any specific cutter/slicer recommendations for making zoodles? Links are even better. Thanks.

RCG 06-27-2015 15:22

What did it do to your blood sugar? 06-27-2015 15:31

Judy-in-France 06-27-2015 16:10

I use a Lurch Spiralizer. You can buy them on Amazon. Works best with courgettes (zucchini) and squash as vegetable spaghetti/noodles.

grammaB 06-27-2015 22:42

I use the Paderno World Cuisine Slicer. I got it from Amazon. There is a link to it in the thread John linked for you. I really like it!!

stevenal1 06-28-2015 01:37

Thanks all, I'll be checking the recommended products. Sorry I didn't test that evening, so I can't say definitively what my blood glucose was. None of the ingredients have spiked me in the past.

Judy-in-France 06-28-2015 10:55

LOL loved the joke on your Fluke (Avo)...resistance is futile! :)

walkerwally1 06-28-2015 15:29

Zoodles is one of my favorite meals and is very good for my bg. I make my own sauce with ground meat and Bella Vita low carb tomato sauce and a bit of onion and Rotel tomatoes. I use a whole zucchini, about 10-12" long, and about 1 cup of sauce. Oh, and plenty of parmesan cheese. Very satisfying and like I said, it has been very good to my bg.
Oh, I forgot to add, if you make your own meatballs it is a great way to add organ meat to your diet. I grind up chicken liver and add to ground beef at a ratio of about 3/1. If you don't really like the taste of liver this will not be a problem, you don't even know it's there.

Shanny 06-28-2015 15:36

Hey Wally? Would you wanna write more specific ingredients/instructions for that and then post it on the recipes board?! Please, huh, Huh, HUH?! :pray2:

stevenal1 06-28-2015 19:36

I'm glad someone got the Borg reference.
Organ meats in the meat balls is exactly what the restaurant did. Tasted great even though I've never been a fan of organ meats since being forced to gag them down as a kid. Of course cheese (or any dairy) isn't considered to be paleo, so that's an enhancement I'll make at home.
After studying the recommendations here and the reviews at Amazon, I'm leaning toward the Kitchenaid mixer attachment. Can't get past the plastic parts on the others that some have had breakage issues with. Triple the price of course, but as I explain to my wife: I'm worth it. Don't know why she laughs when I say that.
I'll be watching for Wally's recipe as well.

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