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NSDad126 03-14-2018 00:47

Dehydrated Cauliflower Rice
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This is an entire head of cauliflower grated then dehydrated.

I like the idea of having a shelf stable food like couscous or potato flakes.

My first meal, I'll try to make it into a mash potato type dish with oinions, garlic, and butter. I am confident that it will work out.

But I'm also wondering if it might work like a crust maybe?

NSDad126 03-14-2018 01:01

ok i just did some checking and a medium sized head of cauliflower has 28g of carbs. If I could turn that into a powder in a blender then combine it with egg and a small amount of flax meal, i wonder if i could make a miniloaf of bread with about the same amount of carbs as a single slice of bread.

itissteve 03-14-2018 01:20

I've posted in the Recipes area a recipe for a pizza crust made with cauliflower, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, an egg, and some spices. I've seen similar ingredients used to make breadsticks. I've tweaked my recipe enough that I think I could make a flatbread/tortilla analog out of it. I should try that next time I have enough cauliflower on hand.

The question I have is what you would use as a leavener to not make that mini-loaf a brick?

kirah 03-14-2018 02:16


Originally Posted by itissteve (Post 1284090)
The question I have is what you would use as a leavener to not make that mini-loaf a brick?

My guess is you'd need a chemical leavener like baking powder, which creates bubbles when it gets wet. Basically making a quick bread. Trick is finding the right amount for the weight of the ingredients without tasting the soda.

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VeeJay 03-14-2018 03:23

I'm reminded of another use for dehydrated cauliflower. Faux pineapple. I purchased the cauliflower as dehydrated flowerettes. Reconstituted with water and pineapple flavoring and sweetener. Was used in a low-carb pineapple cake.

When I make a quick bread or cake with almond flour, etc., I get the best rise using both baking soda and egg. The more egg the higher it'll go. It's also good to use something to make sure the little bubbles from the soda don't leave the dough since there's no gluten to hold them in. Egg helps, and it's good to also add in one of the gums, like xanthan or guar - but I've found that psyllium husk powder works even better.

NSDad126 03-14-2018 20:31

Thanks for the advice.

I've made some fairly convincing muffins in a microwave using eggs and baking powder to create the leavening for whatever else I decide to put into it.

So I guess it would work for cauliflower powered, too.

NSDad126 03-18-2018 23:29

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A 'mashed potato' type dish made from dehydrated cauliflower.

1/4 cup dehydrated cauliflower
1.5 cups water
1 onion
1 big slice of butter
garlic powder to taste

bring to boil in a pan, then simmer for 20minutes to reconstitute the cauliflower. remover lid and increase heat. cook desired amount.

NSDad126 03-18-2018 23:33

a medium head of cauliflower is about 28g of carbs.
one head created about 2 cups of dehydrated cauliflower. so 28/8 = approx 3.5 grams of carbs.

sweet. I think there might be more carbs in the salad.

VeeJay 03-18-2018 23:38

Did you check the carb grams for an onion?

NSDad126 03-19-2018 00:25

update: it was good, damn good. Every bit as good as fresh. And, tonight, I didn't have to dig out the food processor with grater.

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