Concerned: Am I Being a Hypochondriac?

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Concerned: Am I Being a Hypochondriac?

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Default Concerned: Am I Being a Hypochondriac?

I've been a lurker on this forum for a few months, and when I had a concern about my health, I knew where to turn! I hope the many knowledgeable people here will be able to help me out!

I will admit to being a bit of a hypochondriac and having anxiety, especially about medical issues. 4 months ago I had a UTI, which I'd never had before in my 31 years. When I read that could be a complication of diabetes, I got my act together to be healthier. I have lost 44lbs since March 16th. However, I've been seemingly sick since that time. I've developed numbness in my hands and feet which I didn't get even 6 months ago. I got an awful cold that wouldn't go away for 2 weeks and turned into a sinus infection before finally clearing up (without meds, thanfully). Now I have a fungal skin infection, ringworm.

I do have a Relion meter. In the morning, my fasting blood sugar is normally 80-85, but sometimes can be as high as 98. After meals, I never seem to spike much. At one hour, I'm in the 120s or 110s, and at the two hour mark I'm at 95-117. I eat 30-60 gram carb each meal. I saw one spike to 133. My concern is that while it never really goes up, it never really falls back down either. Last night I had about 60 grams of carb at least because I kinda went on a sugar binge (bad, bad, I know). Two hours later, at 8:30, I was at 108. Fine. But the next morning, I was still at 98. And this happens all the time. Other than first thing in the morning, I almost never see below 90 and rarely below 100. I'm trying to eat less frequently to give my body time to recover instead of constantly stuffing it with snacks, but it's hard.

So should I be concerned? If I weren't having all these complications, I don't think I would be. If I weren't morbidly obese for so many years I don't think I would be. I still have 70lbs to lose to get to a healthy bmi, so of course diabetes is always on my mind.

I've been reluctant to go to the doctor because I don't want to be forced on statins or blood pressure meds. My blood pressure is 112/64 and my cholesterol is low. I'm also scared of all the side effects of Metformin. I have been to them for treatment of the UTI and ringworm, and no one has suggested I get a diabetes test. One doc felt it was unnecessary to order because my urine had no glucose in it.

Am I crazy to think the meter might be off and that I should get an a1c test from the drug store? If I'm being a hypochondriac, by all means, don't be scared to put me in my place!

Thanks so much for the help!

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Hi and welcome

Good to people "unlurk" for whatever reason.

Let me say this much, I'm no doctor so I can't give any advice.

That said: WOW and AWESOME on the weight loss. I know how hard it can be as I still have about 15 I'd like to get rid of, lost 60 so far.

If you are concerned the checkout for some basic info. From there venture to for some good diet advice, not the standard twaddle.

As far as your numbers, nothing =screams= diabetic at me, other may know more.

Since you have a Relion meter, you could always pick up a home a1c kit for $30 and give it a try. If you see anything usual there then you can follow up. It could be possible the weight loss is keeping things in check.

Good luck and keep us in the loop.

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Your bgs seem OK to me, your 98 fasting may be a little pre Diabetic but overall they are good. If you are overly concerned go to the doctor and get the proper tests. I am sure everything will come out normal. Those of us who are diabetic would kill for your numbers. So I wouldn't be overly concerned.

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Welcome to the forum!

None of your readings are screaming "diabetic" or even "pre-diabetic" to me, and certainly a doctor would dismiss your concerns. Based on blood sugar testing of my non-diabetic friends and relatives, your readings are fairly normal, but some are perhaps on the higher end of normal, like the 98 fasting and the 133 spike. Also, I'd say you should probably be seeing more readings throughout the day below 90-100, especially when you haven't eaten for more than a few hours. My partner, who doesn't have diabetes, rarely goes over 100, even after a very high-carbohydrate meal. The few times he has gone over 100, it wasn't much over, and he was below 100 again within less than an hour. Every time I test him, he seems to be hovering between 70-90. Usually in the low 80s.

There's not a lot of consensus on what truly normal blood sugar is, but I guess I'd cautiously say that some of your readings are slightly on the high end of the normal range and some are totally normal, which could be a sign that you are having some glucose dysfunction or nothing at all. Great help, I know.

Congratulations on all your weight loss. I know you're scared, but think of it this way: even if you are at risk of developing diabetes, you have caught this so incredibly early that nobody here could even really say that you're pre-diabetic. I was diagnosed with blood sugar in the 300s and an A1c over 11%, by contrast. And in the year before I was diagnosed, I was getting sick all the time, all my colds would last weeks, and I was having all sorts of infections.

Sure, get the A1c, but based on your BG levels, I'm expecting it to be fairly normal. You could also try testing at 30 minutes, especially if you eat a lot of fast-acting carbs, to see your maximum spike.

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I just remembered something.

Somewhere in the archives, maybe an admin can help, there's instructions on how to do an at home glucose tolerance test. This could give you some peace of mind.

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Jenny Ruhl says how to do a home test here. And discusses the issue here.

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Congrats on your weight loss sweetheart, that is incredible. What an inspiration you are . I suffer from anxiety aswell so i know what a pain in the rear it can be, especially when it messes with your thoughts and makes you fearful. The thing is you are experiencing the numbness in your hands and feet and other things that are REAL, so love your not a hypochondriac. Although the symptoms are real it might not relate to Diabetes, and believe me i know how hard it is to go to the docs, but in all honesty its probably bet to go for a little GP visit and atleast your mind can be put at ease, and if there is anything it can be dealt with...but im not saying there is xxxxxxxxxx......I have lost 16 has taken me years to do it, because of my heart failure and other health problems. I must admit though at the beggining cos i was such a big girl 29 stone in fact, i did lose weight quite quickly..mostly fluid to start off with and i infact felt awful and dealt with flu type symptoms for weeks. I was told it was my body trying to get used to losing the weight.

Keep on your wonderful weight loss Journey love, cos put it this way, no matter what your body will become healthier and stronger and if a minor issue does pop up , your immune system and body will be ready to take it on.

Wishing you all the best sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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