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Can type 2 lose weight at diagnosis? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by adimeco View Post
This forum saved my life! I am so glad I found this forum as soon as DX as I did!
A few years before diag I felt wobble and unsure of myself on ladders etc. stopped doing a lot of the activities we use to enjoy.
I feel so much better now, back in June I bought a Harley street glide and wife and I put around 4000 miles on it this last summer, very active now with kids at home, control brings hope and made life much happier.

Take care,

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Originally Posted by adimeco View Post
I never questioned my type 2 diagnosis. I was diagnosed Christmas Eve 2012. I adopted lchf diet Feb 2013 and I have good control with my a1c of 5.6. My glucose is usually between 90-120. I take Levemir 10 units night and 10 units morning. I read that its type 1 that lose weight at diagnosis but I lost 30 lbs. Is it possible that I am really type 1?
Exact same for me. Went to see my GP b/c I had lost 30 lbs without changing my lifestyle and I noticed my hair was REALLY thinning, and then I was diagnosed T2. Was absolutely devastated

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Diabetes is rather simplistically diagnosed by observing higher than normal blood sugar. This is typically a late-arriving symptoms especially for T2s and your actual illness began 5 to 10 years earlier.

So, what can cause this elevated blood sugar we call "diabetes". For T1s, LADAs, late-onset T1, etc. it means a shortage of insulin.

Insulin does three things with glucose:

1) ushers it into many kinds of cells to be used for energy
2) ushers it into the liver to be stored as glycogen (later re-released as glucose), and
3) users it into fat cells as triglycerides for "storage". This fat can later be "mobilized" (released) for use as energy but it can never again become glucose.

The typical T2 begins with insulin resistance. That means some combination of the above three stop working properly. What happens next depends on that combination. 80% of T2s are overweight at diagnosis. That means that #3 is still working well, maybe too well, and fat storage is happening. Their problem would be some mix of the other two. As one or both of those degrade, the pancreas pushes out more and more insulin to clear the glucose. This in turn stores more fat, since that is still working. If mostly #1, after-meal readings will show the problem first. If mostly #2, pre-meal and morning readings will show the problem first as the liver dumps glucose when it shouldn't.

If one's insulin resistance is predominately #3, this is where you get the skinny T2. They are still relatively able to deliver glucose to muscles and to store it in their liver for use during non-eating times, but their ability to store it as fat is impaired. Anything which impairs the clearing of glucose will cause the pancreas to secrete more and more insulin as it attempts to solve the problem. Later, even for T2s this can lead to the degradation of its ability to produce insulin.

Any combination of these three which defeats the ability of the available insulin to dispose of incoming glucose thoroughly will result in "diagnosis", but as you can see it can be very different depending on exactly what is "broken".

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Prior to diagnosis, it would be glucose spilling into your urine. That's bad weight loss.
After diagnosis your LCHF diet would be responsible for any weight loss, which is due to utilization of stored fats. This is good weight loss.

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Thanks everyone for all the great knowledge learned here! I wish the medical community knew as much.....ugh!

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I had lost 17 lbs at my diagnosis in a month, then was diagnosed but I was also having IBS issues. Same month I was diagnosed, I found this forum, read it, studied it, talked with others and started LCHF. That was in June 2013. I have since lost 82 lbs, my husband even called me skinny and he is not the most observant. And I feel wonderful, my sugars have most definitely improved, from 300s to 80-90s, anxiety has improved, stomach issues almost completely stopped, no reflux, depression has improved and my husband says i am "pleasant" I credit the crew on here and following advice and asking questions with helping me....this is the only place I come for diabetic advice and that is how awesome I think this forum is, and I am not a very complimentary individual.....but you have excellent resources from some pretty dang intelligent people.

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