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actusreus73 09-30-2014 17:04

Do I have it?
41 year old male living in the US (Idaho)
Grandpa diagnosed in 40's, went blind, ultimately died (age 64)
I'm very active, and exercise, fairly vigorously, 6 days per week, for at least half an hour.
I'm 6'4, 193 pounds.
I try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, but I also eat quite a bit of sugary food. I have a terrible sweet tooth.
I went on a trip to Europe a couple of weeks ago during which I ate about the same, but didn't do any exercise except walking. Since I came back, I've been urinating constantly, which I understand can be a symptom of diabetes.

Any input on this would be very much appreciated Smiley 09-30-2014 17:21

Straight answer - from here we can't tell. Your constant trips to the toilet could be driven by several things, and yes, one is diabetes.

If you don't want to discuss it with your doctor as yet, you need to do some testing of your blood sugar. First thing to do is to invest in a meter - I believe Walmart do an inexpensive one (Relion) and carry out some tests.

You need to carry out these tests first thing in the morning when you are looking to get a value below 100 mg/dL, then after your meal at one hour and at two hours. Here you're looking to be below 140 and ideally below 120 at two hours.

Do this for several days. If you don't get the results suggested, please discuss the situation with your doctor sooner rather than later.

For a useful guide to this condition you might care to explore Blood Sugar 101

Let us know how it goes.

VeeJay 09-30-2014 19:26


Hopefully you don't have diabetes, but if you do, then this is a good place to hang out.

If you read Blood Sugar 101 thoroughly, you'll probably be able to answer your own question, and you will also gain a good understanding of what diabetes is.

There is NO reason whatsoever that if you have diabetes you will follow the progression of your grandfather. It all comes down to blood sugar control. And the meter is the tool, and diet is the key.

silvertiger 09-30-2014 21:15

You definitely need to get an A1C test at your doc. Starting to eat fewer carbs and more healthy fats now (including saturated) is a good idea considering the history of diabetes in your family.

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