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adiecain 08-12-2011 05:45

Eyesight anomolies
Wondering if anyone can help here. When I was diagnosed my far sight had deteriorated quite a lot which is how I came to be diagnosed in the first place. I was put on 500mg of metformin and sent on my way (follow ups and clinics soon) since then my far vision has returned to normal but now my close vision has gone belly up. Everything up to about ten feet is out of focus... Worried I'm going blind here!!

moon 08-12-2011 05:55

That's typical of what happens when blood sugar begins normalizing from high numbers.

I wear progressives, and when my blood sugar went off the rails, I could see distance without glasses, and my reading was okay. When my blood sugar started coming down, my distance got so I needed glasses but not the ones I had been wearing! My reading became difficult, and the only thing was was in focus was someone's face if I was looking out the reading portion of my glasses. It was a wild ride.

I recall going for my first mini-hike and thinking all the wooziness was blood sugar issues, and that could've been a part of it, but the other was that nothing was in focus!

It took several weeks for things to get somewhat manageable, and maybe 6 weeks before they went back to normal.

Whatever you do, don't get new glasses for a while!

adiecain 08-12-2011 14:12

That's such a relief to hear {big hug} I've not long started a new job and was worried I'd have to give it up if my eyesight was deteriorating. Plus I'm an artist, Nuff said.. Thanks for putting my mind at rest

jwags 08-12-2011 16:36

I was dx'd during an opthamologist appointment, too. They saw the beginning of some eye damage during a dye test to check my retinas. I think my vision took about 3 months to normalise. I still need glasses especially for reading but my distance vision has improved.

adiecain 08-12-2011 17:35

I had just had a new prescription two weeks before diagnosis, spoke to the optician when he said I may have diabetes and he's going to redo my eye test in a while and replace the lenses for me

moon 08-12-2011 20:33

Oh that's great, since the prescription you got is most certainly not correct.

Very supportive optician, good to hear.

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