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brand19922006 01-17-2016 23:49

Do any of you cut your own toenails? I heard that I was not suppose to cut my own toenails.

Also, could going to a nail salon be bad for a diabetic? Could it have an affect on your fingernails and toenails?

Thanks all.

David Burke 01-18-2016 00:24

If anyone wants to get near my feet, they're getting kicked. My feet are too sensitive for that.

I think these recommendations fit in my rule: add "uncontrolled" before "diabetics".

If you have normal BG readings, why should it be any different than for a non diabetic?

Shanny 01-18-2016 03:42

I cut my own toenails and have never been to a nail salon for anything. One time a coupla years ago OWC & I visited a podiatrist who cut our toenails, and he did the worst job I could ever imagine. Admitted that he never cuts straight across, but prefers to cut down into the corners. If that isn't a recipe for ingrown toenails, nothing is - idiot doctor! Nobody ever again will touch my toes!

grammaB 01-18-2016 04:56

I cut my own nails. I usually do it after a shower as they are softer and more easy to cut.

My late DH used to cut his own, but as the neuropathy set in he would cut himself and leave little blood foot prints across the room. He finally went to a podiatrist, but what pissed me off with the dr was after DH had a leg amputated he still charged us the same amount for 1/2 the work! Just didn't feel right.

RobertIA 01-18-2016 06:29

I see a podiatrist every quarter and I have never had a problem. I got started when I had planters warts several years ago and this podiatrist has also prevented an ingrown toe nail on my big toe that was caused by the shoe pressing on the nail and forcing inwards. It was my fault trying to save money on shoes.

After several times he said that I had the start of a sore on the sole of my foot and told me to see a specialist in orthotics to take the pressure off and balance my foot better. He did deaden the skin in the area and carved off some of the sore area and then applied a pad covering with an ointment on it. He gave me a prescription for more of the pads and ointment to use. It is healed now and I have a proper orthotic in my shoe. This could have developed into a foot ulcer if I hadn't had the appointment.

I feel fortunate that I have a good podiatrist.

Strawberry 01-18-2016 15:57

I also see a Podiatrist every quarter. He cuts my toenails and checks my feet for sore spots or anything else that needs attention. I've had ingrown toenails which he treated me for and they feel so much better. Do be careful when choosing a Podiatrist. Make sure he or she is someone you can trust.

JT Reagan 01-21-2016 05:41

Podiatrists, yes. Nail salons, no. I don't really trust that the salons are that careful about bacterial contaminations. All it would take to get cellulitis is a little nick.

div2live 01-21-2016 14:58

I do my own and it is much easier since I lost 45lbs. !! SMILE

But, if I cut the skin I cannot feel it which is a bad thing. So I have to be very careful. I use a low speed Dremeral (SP?) Tool and only use cutters when I have to. Obviously I do have some nerve damage in my feet, but since my BS has been under control, I hope some of this comes back.

Shanny 01-21-2016 16:07

I have also used a dremel sander, and it works nicely! Bought it for the dog's toenails, but it works well on mine too. :p

Strawberry 02-05-2016 14:08


Originally Posted by Shanny (Post 1063490)
I have also used a dremel sander, and it works nicely! Bought it for the dog's toenails, but it works well on mine too. :p

Shanny - Not only are you a great cook of all low carb foods, but you are also mechanically inclined (meaning you can operate a dremel tool). I am impressed :cool:

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