Majority of the symptoms+, no diagnosis

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Majority of the symptoms+, no diagnosis

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Unhappy Majority of the symptoms+, no diagnosis

Hey, I'm a very new member so I apologize if this isn't the correct section to post this particular post in!

For a while now, possibly around 6 months or more I have been having diabetic symptoms and I have a few 'episodes' where I have appeared to have too low of blood sugar.

The symptoms I have are green, the ones I don't have are red, the ones which are 'sorta' are orange.

-Increased urination, excessive thirst
-Weight loss (I am 48 kilos, 5'2)
-Skin problems
-Slow healing
-Yeast infections
-Fatigue and irritability
-Blurry vision
Tingling or numbness

I have had a A13 blood test (I went to the doctor for constant fatigue and I got a blood test) and I had no results, I'd go again to get another, but I don't want to worry my dad and have to have him take me to the doctor again

That was in march, may and possibly june.

I had my utmost concern for whether or not I had diabetes when I had an episode of which I was low on blood sugar, I was finding it difficult to breath, my hands went blue, numb and tingly, I was hitting my head against the wall, I just couldn't understand it. I was like that for 30 minutes and my friends didn't really care except one. At first I thought it was a form of a panic attack, but I later consulted with the principal (about an hour or less after her giving me chocolate and some food LOL) and when I described how it was, she explained to me that her daughter is diabetic and has similar episodes when her blood sugar is low. My dad didn't care too much, but he probably thought I was exaggerating (don't get me wrong, he's a good guy )

any thoughts?

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Also wanted to add, I have a very bad diet which I am horrible at controlling (To see me eating healthy would probably be very rare, sadly.

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Hi elsnek

I can see why you might be concerned. We cannot diagnose on the forum but we can give you the benefit of our experience, and what we have learned.

The symptoms you describe could be any number of things, but looked at with what you say is a very poor diet, there are a couple things I can suggest which - might - address your symptoms.

If you are having what is called Reactive Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, you certainly can have symptoms of shakiness, fatigue and a certain amount of brain fog. What has happened is that when you eat foods that raise your blood sugar, the signal to the pancreas to produce insulin to deal with all that glucose in your blood is not working right, and more insulin is produced than is needed. It is the resulting fast lowering of blood glucose (BG) that causes the symptoms.

What causes BG to rise in the first place? Carbohydrates and sugars - like potatoes, bread, rice, fruit and fruit juices, sugar drinks like sodas. So, if one eats these things, BG goes up, then quickily comes down, one feels awful and eats some carby foods, one feels okay for a bit until BG goes up, then it goes down... etc., etc.

To stop the rollercoaster ride - limit the amount of foods that start it off.

If you have Reactive Hypoglycemia, or even if you have diabetes (which would be less insulin but also less ability to utilize it so BG goes up) - the most important solution is to reduce carbohydrates.

If you truly want to stop these symptoms, and if they are related to carbohydrate metabolism gone wrong, then you must make some changes in the way you eat.

I hope this gives you some "food for thought". If you want to understand diabetes there is a very good site that we recommend for new people Blood Sugar 101 Knowledge is power.

My low-carb recipe collection on Pinterest
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Hi elsnek.

Ditto on what VeeJay said.

You should be able to call your doctor's office and they can tell you what your A1c blood test results were. Not knowing if you have a glucose test meter available, you should see if you can get a meter and test your BG. The best way to check is described in the BloodSugar 101 link that VeeJay gave you. Random testing tells you little, but when having symptoms of hypoglycemia if you have your wits about you at the time would be good time to test. I would also recommend keeping something handy to eat if your BG is truly low. Keep record of your test results and if you are continuously going over 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dL), you might wish to bother Dad to carry you back to the doctor.

My thoughts are that if your A1c test was very high, your doctor would have been calling you. However, the A1c is an average and is one of the last tests that would indicate a diagnosis of diabetes and that may all that your doctor is going by.. If your A1c is still in the "normal" range and your daily testing is getting above what I mentioned and your doctor doesn't do anything after showing him your records, you definitely need do do as VeeJay advised and reduce the amount of carbs you are eating. If you don't, then you will reach the point where your A1c will get high enough for your doctor to give you a diabetes diagnosis.

Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
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Thank you very much for the reply, you two! I will definetely try to improve how I eat.
I'll try get another test

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also ask for a c-peptide test. This blood test looks at how well your body's makes insulin. It's used to help diagnose blood sugar disorders. Your body needs the hormone insulin to move sugar through your bloodstream to your cells for energy. By measuring your C-peptide, your healthcare provider can also learn about your insulin level.

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I have a friend who has the same intermittent symptoms. The difference is, she has other health issues & doesn't want to think about diabetes, so she won't see a doctor...yet.
Your doctor should contact you with your A1C results. If he doesn't, call him; your lab tests belong to you & he has to provide you with a copy if you request it.

I'll suggest the same thing I suggested to her. Buy a glucose meter & test when you wake up in the morning & also 2-3 hours after a meal. No Rx needed. The instructions that come with the meter will provide general information about what normal (non diabetic) readings should be.

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