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Thirst in diabetes - Page 3

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I'll give you my perspective on thirst because it's radically changed. I've been eating very low carb and doing IF for a few years now.

My thirst has pretty much diminished unless I eat a carby food. I can work a 8-9 hour shift and not drink an oz the whole time, and really not be thirsty either. Last Monday I hiked 5 1/2 miles, half up steep mountain trails, carried water, didn't drink any at all.

Yesterday I ate a thin sliver (1/2") of cake with frosting at a family party, 1-2 hours I had an insatiable thirst, drank about 24 oz of water. Last week ate sushi for lunch with my wife and over the next few hours drank at least 48 oz of water.

My father ( 98 yo), ate carb heavy, chips, ice cream, grain cereal, crackers, bread, fruit and always had to have water by his side and had to drink every few minutes. He was not diabetic.

Carbs are converted to glycogen for fuel and glycogen needs water. Fat on the other hand does not. For me, I'm so carb sensitive, that even a 5-6g carb load eaten at once will make me thirsty for the next couple of hours.

You say you are not big on carbs, I take that to mean 15-20g a day spread out over your whole waking hours. That's a fairly low carb day for me. I do IF's a lot at 23/1, and sometimes my only meal, dinner, is near zero carb, just eggs and meat, or a steak and some cheese.

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I had to visit the gynecologist today because of female issues. Won’t scare you with details. I’ve had the issues for longer than I thought and she wasn’t surprised because of my oral Candida. Her first question was if I had diabetes because she thinks a normal immune system should be able to keep things at bay.

Not saying this is a sign I have diabetes. Because my blood sugar has proven I don’t. But something is off. And it’s annoying.

Bignick: I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’m old enough to be able to soak in others experiences to see if they can benefit me!

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First, I never wait for results when a doctor is off-the-job for a bit and I have a concern. I just call or go down there and get a printout of my labs. Just go to Medical records and tell them you want copies for yourself.

As far as thirst, it really depends on the person. I've never had a thirst issue, although the highest my A1C ever was is 7.2. My brother has chronic thirst issues even when he has good control and that was before he was taking water pills.

FWIW, I've never had to wait for results from my oncologist if I have a concern. She will even call from home during a holiday weekend. Most of the time though, it's just routine and I don't worry about it.

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Thank you for your reply. If I have a very recent hA1c and it gave a good score, can I feel confident then that I don’t have diabetes? My appetite is horrible at the moment (for a few months) so I haven’t been eating much and I figured that’s what made my blood sugar extra low, I have in the past had a few points higher (nothing alarming though).

It’s just so weird to try to figure out what is wrong with yourself, you find something where everything fits, even silly things like itching feet but it isn’t that. Then I’m just wondering hmm what else is insanely like diabetes.

I’m starting to think that I will need to use my private health insurance to solve this mystery. Get rid of all my chronic fungus infections everywhere, get some saliva back in my mouth, feel more energetic.

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