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Chaidragonfire 05-11-2018 03:07

Feet and toe problems
Does your feet puff up? The Dr told me it's from bad circulation and diabetes working together. But it's weird, because one foot is always twice as puffy as the other.

It kind of grosses me out a bit, as I've always had "birdy" ankles, and nowadays I have "cankles"!!!

For some reason my left foot is always puffier than the right one, even though I'm more prone to leaning on my right foot when I stand.

I've also been having a lot of problems with my big toes cramping constantly. I asked my Dr about this twice, and he just changes the subject, which is weird, because he always answers all my other questions asap.

I'm changing Dr.s here soon, so maybe this new one can answer my questions.

Does anybody else have these problems? What do you do to get rid of the cramped toes?

xring 05-11-2018 06:19

My fee don't "puff up," but my left ankle is a bit larger than my right, likely because my varicose veins in my left leg are worse than my right. I'll get an occasional cramp in one of the smaller toes. When that happens, grabbing the toe & moving it around quickly relieves it.
My mom had swollen ankles & feet for several years. Her doctor told me it's "fluid retention."

effieh 05-13-2018 11:03

When I get up of a morning my ankles and feet are slim but within 2 hours they are swollen up again. Left is far worse than right. From the top of my instep to my toes is usually cold as ice and goes numb. During summer when sleeping with no covers because of the heat I had to have my left foot wrapped in a blanket because it was so cold. Yes I was suffering from extremely bad cramping but since going on the diabetic medicine the cramps have moderated. My doctor refuses to discuss my leg problems and has given me no advice re the diabetes. So I fully understand your concerns Chaidragonfire . All I can say is this site is great. Anything I have learned has come from recommended readings I found in here and from reading things that others have written about their journeys.

Chaidragonfire 05-13-2018 14:37

I don't know why my Dr won't say anything about my toes cramping. And it's not the muscles cramping, it's the bones. They hurt like hell almost all day now. I'm constantly "popping" them which does not alleviate the cramping.

I can't sleep most nights, and this doesn't help. I feel I want to just rip my toes off my foot they hurt so bad.

xring 05-14-2018 22:11

Here is something I've tried when my feet bother me when I'm trying to sleep. It sounds weird, but I'll wash my feet in cold water & soap, then go back to bed. It really helps. I think it works because the cold temperature of the water "tricks" the nerves of the feet. Try it; it can't hurt.

Hooglet 05-17-2018 10:23

Puffiness and carmps could be early signs of Diabetic Neuropathy. Check your feet regularly with the Medipin Diabetic Toes Test to make sure that you take action BEFORE you get any ulcers

kyteflyer 05-17-2018 23:46

There's always the possibility that its not because of diabetes at all. I have crap circulation but thats because I was a heavy smoker, and my peripheral circulation was rubbish long before I was diabetic. My ankles are in a permanent state of puff (feet too) which is seriously annoying because shoes which fit yesterday, may not fit today.

So anyway... ankle and leg oedema has many possible causes. Mine started because of hypothyroidism and I was only 32 at the time of that diagnosis... in fact its how my doc at the time twigged that there might be an issue... apparently pre-tibial oedema is one of the very early signs. 36 years later, and I have heart failure, which is another reason for puffy ankles. It gets worse under certain circumstances... if I have forgotten to take my lasix, if I have too many carbs (yes, that really does do it) or if I am not moving about very much. I wake with puffy ankles and feet these days, its a pest.

NSDad126 05-24-2018 17:20

I wouldn't dream of telling you what your situation, that is wrong and unethical.

However, I can share with you my story.

I've had problems with enemia in my lower legs. Several doctors had seen it, especially during acute conditions where I had developed a skin infection and was requesting antibiotics.

Not one doctor ever mentioned DVT deep vein thrombosis, yet I had all the classic symptoms like red skin, hot to the touch, one leg swollen more than the other.

Last february, I went to emergency because I could NOT breath if I exerted myself beyond a walk. I was diagnosed with a double bilateral polmonary embolism - ie blood clots in both lungs. If it was severe enough I could have died.

It didn't take me long to read about PE, and there was a phrase somewhere that said 'major advancement in PE therapy comes from the change of no longer seeing PE as an disease, but a complication of DVT '

Yep, my legs suffer from DVT and diagnosis was missed because of my other diabetes related problems like leg enemia.

I apologize for the alarmist post, but if it saves just one person it will be worth it.

rsfletcher 05-24-2018 18:54

I've never had circulation issues or puffiness of the feet or ankles but why I'm adding my 2 cents worth - are you taking any Blood Pressure Meds?

When my Dad ran in to Aorta Issues in his 80s he was suddenly on a regimen of pharmaceuticals - one of those was or is Blood Pressure meds and they really swell up his ankles and feet.

He told me it was quite common for the meds he was taking.

Chaidragonfire 05-25-2018 00:39

I'm not taking blood pressure meds "perse", it does have to do with keeping my stress level down though so I don't get hyper and get high blood pressure....if that makes any sense. Although I don't have normal high blood pressure as you would think of it.

As for all that other stuff, my Dr has never mentioned any of it.

I was born with a small bone out of place in each foot, which has caused me foot and leg pain all my life, but I know that pain is different from the other pains I get.

I really don't have the money to be going to see all these kinds of specialists. I have to depend on one Dr for everything unfortunately.

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