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rudeboysti 07-31-2012 20:18

Novolog 70/30 3 times a day
So I have been on Novolog 70/30 for a few months now. It is working great now that I have made a few adjustments. I started on 5 units in the morning and 4 units at night. I always seemed to be higher than I would like between lunch and dinner. This led me to needing more at night which I was uncomfortable with. I have since adjusted to 4 units in the morning, 4 units at lunch and 3 units at dinner. This has my numbers rock solid. I am never out of the "non-diabetic" range anymore. I still don't eat much carbs and this dosing works for me.

The problem is that when I picked up my last set of pens, the pharmacist said they were confused on what the doctor had prescribed as they didn't understand what she had written. I told them what she had prescribed but that I had fine tuned it to what I am at now. The pharmacist was alarmed that I was taking the 70/30 3 times a day. She said the 70/30 should only be taken twice a day and I run a risk of having a hypo using it 3 times a day. I shook my head and said I would talk to my new doctor about it.

I understand the pharmacist has a certain training but I would like to hear from the folks here who understand using insulin. I know most will say I need a separate basal/bolus but I am quite happy with the results I am getting now. My BG numbers are quite predictable and I have not had a hypo yet. Closest I have come was a 74. That was because I didn't eat per my schedule. Is there a major risk in using the 70/30 3 times a day? I am not using large amounts. My FBG is always in the 90's. My pre and post are always in the 80's to 90's. I don't see what the problem is. I feel better than ever not having to figure out how to keep my numbers down.

I appreciate the help.


RodneyTzn 07-31-2012 20:26

I would agree with you. If it works & you test enough to know what it is doing.
Do think you should chat to a doc or Endo about it just to be sure there aren't other issues.
sounds like it is working really well. Good luck with it.

diabetes86 07-31-2012 20:58

Next time tell the pharmacist that he is free to treat his diabetes as he sees fit. This is your diabetes and your treatment plan works just fine.

moon 07-31-2012 22:35

Disclaimer: I'm a know-nothing about insulin.

But ... one thing I have learned in this journey is, the professionals don't know more about our bodies than we do. You are the poster-boy for that if ever there was one. It's a sad commentary that, on balance, more people here and elsewhere that I've read, who have good control, have ignored some of the advice from those who are paid to know more.

This doesn't mean I ignore everything docs have to say, it's always wise to get a reality check, but there's trite truth in: if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Congratulations on your excellent control! And it's so very well-deserved.

birdman19 08-01-2012 05:21

ive got one that will blow your minds, i am a type 1 using 70/30 mix. my doctor and i have had the hardest time trying to figure out how i can better control my BG numbers, and have tried almost everything we could think of other than a pump. when i was first diagnosed at the age of 20 with type one, my A1C was 18.9 and over the first year we got it down to the 12 range. that was using two different kinds of insulin and a total of 4 shots every day. to get my A1C lower (9.5) i was up to a total of 8 different shots every day between the two kinds of insulin. well upon trying to refill my prescriptions, i somehow got put on to the 70/30 mix of Nova. i called my doctor and asked about it and he denied up and down that he would put me on the mix as its for type 2, but to go ahead and give it a try until he can get me a new prescription. i tried it, i liked it, and it worked great for me. i am now using the mix after every meal ( up to 25 units each meal ) and am doing great. i really dont test my numbers like i should to get better control, but with my fast food diet and lack of exercise my last A1C test came to 8.

so for the OP, it really comes down to what works for YOU. your doctor can help by giving you his thoughts and doing the appropriate tests, but NO ONE knows what will work for you, like YOU.

diabetes86 08-01-2012 15:12

Ya there is no insulin for "type 2" we use the same insulin you do.

rudeboysti 08-02-2012 16:49

Thanks for the inputs everyone.

I got the idea of switching to 3 times a day from forum member Uttam. He had stated he was taking it 3 times a day per his doctor. I started at 1 unit in the afternoon and added a unit at a time until I reached what worked. It has caused no issues so I will go with it.

I have joined the view that alot here take in that I need my doctor to write prescriptions and help me when needed but my care is up to me. I have gotten more from this forum than any of the lazy doctors I have seen. I do like my new doc but I am also still gun shy.

After the pharmacist said that, I started thinking about what could go wrong. I know I am compounding my basal but at the current dosage, I don't see it getting out of hand. I kind of tricked my old endo into writing a new script for strips and then asked my new doc for a script so I have double the amount of strips right now until the insurance company starts denying me. I have been testing before and after every major meal and sometimes test before and after snacks to see if I am pushing to low. I never am though. I always land in the high 80's to low 90's. After snack is usually higher 90's.

Again, thanks for your inputs. I am sticking with it until it no longer works.

VeeJay 08-02-2012 21:19


Originally Posted by rudeboysti (Post 110417)
I am sticking with it until it no longer works.

If it ain't broke..... don't fix it!

dledford 08-25-2012 18:40

New user
I just started using the Novalog 70/30 flex pen on August 15th. I had never used insulin before. I'm still a little confused on dosage, etc. My DR started me on 10 units before breakfast and 10 before dinner. My BG were still reading above 200. Besides Diabetes, I also have anxiety issues. So on Monday, I called him. He upped it to 20 in the morning, and 10 in the evening. My BG was still over 200. Now i take 30 units before breakfast and 20 before dinner.My BG is slowly going down. Lunch is usually my big meal. After reading this post, that seems like a lot. Is it? Or am is there a difference in dosages with the flex pen? Thanks.

rudeboysti 08-25-2012 19:03

Your dosing will be set to suit your needs. My numbers were a little lower than yours if you are referring to fasting. I also have very little insulin resistance. If i was taking that high a dose, I would ask the doctor for separate basal/bolus treatment as it would probably be more accurate. If you were thinking of adding an afternoon dose, I would talk to the doctor first.

I am also very low carb. If you are not low carb high fat, I would personally look to that to lower my insulin requirements first. If I ate carbs I would need much more than I am using.

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