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Incognito 04-23-2014 23:42

What Makes This Forum Different?
Someone said this is the only place that is really advocating LC/HF.

Out of curiosity I visited diabetesdaily forum and went to the introduction section to see what advice they were giving newcomers and came across gems like these:

"I have only been type one for 20 months but the best thing I can say is go on with life like before D eat and count carbs have sweets even now and then ( the way I look at it is that it is not a good idea to eat desert every day for a non D there is no off foods for me as a type 1 well poison ) right now there is no magic cure nothing you or anyone can do to get read of D keep regular appointments endo CDE eye dr extra most complication can be prevented or slowed if caught earlier"

"Type One diabetes is a long time companion. It will govern some of your time in testing but it does not have to rule ones' life. Your partner does not have to do without sugar or carbs, he has to become aware of his insulin to carb ratio and inject accordingly."

Their advice pretty much begins and ends with "track your carbs and check your meter"

So what's the deal here with this particular forum? Why arent others with diabetes buying into this method of comtrol?

I'm very fortunate I came here first. I'm really starting to feel like the lc/hf lifesyle has changed my life. I feel really good actually and am thankful for it, otherwise I would be lost and struggling to manage blood sugar while effectively eating sugar.

Just wondering what makes this place the lone bastion of un-misinformation?

Incognito 04-23-2014 23:55

Ok lol, this was more or less answered in the thread I alluded to up top. I spent so much time typing it on my phone though!

To paraphrase: This was founded by diabetics that were ridiculed or even banned from other forums for mentioning LC/HF.

Shanny 04-24-2014 00:42

You got it . . . several of us, including me, were abused/harassed/banned from other forums. We didn't found the site - it was already here, and we didn't start out promoting LCHF here - all we did was allow people to discuss it freely. But as more people try it and discover the benefits, we look more and more like an LCHF site, which we technically are not. We simply strive 'to be about good, realistic management for Diabetes ...' as stated by a previous owner of this site.

We still want people to understand that we only promote eat-to-your-meter, and if they develop a plan that keeps their meters happy, it's fine with us. The fact that LCHF keeps our meters happier than any other plan is for individuals to puzzle out on their own . . . all we ever ask is that people not knock it until they've tried it for several weeks. ;)

Incognito 04-24-2014 00:58

In all honesty I'm here and not somewhere else because when you google "diabetes forum" this is first on the list. :p

Luck, fate or providence?

VeeJay 04-24-2014 03:24


VeeJay 04-24-2014 03:28

Another thing that makes this different from most other forums is the no-nonsense allowed. I was on another d-forum and it seemed like every thread turned into a mud-slinging match.

Here, if a thread starts to become a "contest" or an argument, it is shut down immediately. This watch-care by the moderators makes this a safe place to share.

skb 04-24-2014 04:19

I think the real value of this forum (and some others) comes from the fact that they question conventional (and medical) wisdom, explore factual science, and allow the end user to experiment & make their own choices.

LCHF being the proof of that.

Philip 04-24-2014 06:50

When I first started out looking for a way to lower my blood glucose levels and weight I came across a very well known forum. There was a video, explaining their approach to the correct diet to be followed, it was quite high in carbohydrates from grains. The narrator mentioned that it was the official NHS guide and may seem by some as counter intuitive.

Well, after eating my first slice of whole grain bread and testing with my meter I thought .......................... and promptly followed my own intuition. ie dont put the carbohydrates there in the first place. This led me to Atkins, LCHF etc and eventually to this forum. Logical I think, but more importantly, backed up by great results.

Presumably some powerful business interests think that they can suppress the truth forever.

sleepies 04-24-2014 07:09

Fair question - I'm curious if you have an answer ?

smorgan 04-24-2014 07:23


Presumably some powerful business interests think that they can suppress the truth forever.
This is almost surely the root of the problem. Too much discussion of LC/HF is definitely against the financial interests of many sponsors of most diabetic sites.

However, "forever" is important. I've been at this for four years. Things were incredibly hostile a few years back at every diabetic forum I could ever find. And, it wasn't just moderators. There were gangs of apparent "users" - maybe trolls or paid hacks - who quickly ganged up on anyone challenging the conventional line. These gangs could insult, ridicule, hi-jack threads in the most absurd manner where a serious thread about nutrition or relevant biochemistry would end up talking about kittens or children's birthdays - "Why I shouldn't enjoy that one piece of cake at my CHILD'S BIRTHDAY? - What's wrong with you fascists?" (I've actually seen LC/HF compared to fascism and "extremism" more than once.) All of this would never be stopped by the moderators. But a simple statement by one of the targeted individuals would be twisted by some amazing mental acrobatics to be construed as a "violation" of forum rules. "Complaints" by those gangs of users and "hurt feelings" could be used as well.


I've peeked in on some of those forums. Some are just completely DEAD with the most recent post usually 3 - 7 DAYS ago. But others now have a healthy population of LC/HFers representing other points of view.

Get ready for the next stage! The jack-booted methods of the past have been overwhelmed by sheer numbers as more and more people educate themselves. Expect the next line of attack to be more sophisticated and have a friendlier face.

But, don't expect them to give up anytime soon. If LC/HF catches on among even a modest portion of T2s, there are literally BILLIONS (if not trillions) of profit at stake.

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