Going Off Meds?

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Going Off Meds?

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Default Going Off Meds?

As many of you know I've had great success with LC/HF over the last month.

I'm taking 500mg Metformin 2x day &
5mg Lisinopril 1x day

My original plan was to give it another month but I don't know, was thinking maybe sooner.

My FBS was 84 this morning and 81 a few hours after my first meal.

I started exercising about a week ago or so and my numbers keep going lower. I have been sticking to LC/HF pretty strictly and haven't been adding any foods that will spike my blood sugar.

What does everyone think about going off meds at this stage and what affect will it have on my blood sugar?

Starting to worry my blood sugar is going to go too low soon! It keeps dropping!

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As a general rule metformin will not cause you to go hypo. All it does is discourage your liver from sending you high. So, I wouldn't expect you to see any dramatic hypos if you carry on taking it.

Equally, if you stop taking it, you won't see a significant immediate change as it will take a week or so to be purged from your system. So if you do decide to try doing without it, perhaps a review of your trend between now and the end of May will tell you whether you still need its help.

On your blood pressure meds - don't know!

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Well I guess I could always go back on if I detected a negative trend.

The blood pressure med was supposed to protect my kidneys, although my BP has been a little high in the past that's not what it was prescribed, it has come down a lot with the lchf diet, I'm losing weight pretty much every day and exercising quite a bit.

Being that I'm on a "starter dose" of Metformin I thought maybe I could drop it altogether.

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I was given probably the same meds: Metformin, some BP medicine which I didn't need and a "beta-blocker" or something like that which was supposed to protect my kidneys. Oh, and a STATIN.

I threw them all away and began studying diabetes which I knew almost nothing about. I've been fine since and have never regretted that decision - but ultimately it's a very individual decision.

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For the Met, as John says, you can monitor what happens as it clears your system. If you have concerns, you also have time to respond.

For the BP meds....well, you are now a professional test & trend watcher.

My only advice is, stop one then the other. If you stop both and anything gets squirrelly, it will be harder to figure out the cause.

Cheering you on!!

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Alright, sage advice, thanks for feedback - much appreciated!

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It is indeed an individual decision. Keep in mind that protecting your kidneys is of utmost importance in the long run. Diabetes and hypertension are both silent killers - the damage they do doesn't show up for years.

My own grandmother died of renal failure at the age of 56 - renal failure due to hypertension. When I was diagnosed with gout, my PA put me on allopurinol, but I balked & didn't start taking it . . . it seemed dumb to take a pill every day when I had gout flareups about once a year. But when I broached my little theory with my doc, he stated firmly that it wasn't so much flareups, but all about protecting my kidneys. So in one of the instances where I bowed to his superior wisdom, I now take the allopurinol like a good girl.

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My BS before dinner was 75.

I'm not succeptable to kidney damage if I'm not spiking above safe levels if I understand correctly.

BP was 127/81 this morning. Should continue dropping as I am exercising and losing weight.

Not really seeing where stopping meds would be risky at this point.

But if I'm wrong please by all means correct me, I don't believe that taking them is necessarily doing me any harm and I'm unaware of any side effects.

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I agree with the advice to do one, then the other as you see the changes. Don't do both at once. The blood pressure drop may be due to the decrease in salt if you are a person who is sensitive to it. I would do the bp after you have readings that stay steady or drop for at least a month. (I am an agressive person and my bp goes up quickly. It also is very responsive to heat and cold. Thus, I would never stop the bp meds unless I started to see very low readings.) You are a different person so... Just be logical about it. Good luck.

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My opinion on this issue has changed over the past several months due to personal experience and the common sense posts on some older threads by a few senior members.

When I started on metformin (around April of last year), the only thing I could think of was when I'd be able to get off it. I know there are several people here that remember what I'm talking about. I continued to eat LCHF and watched my BG numbers slowly decline. It took a bit longer with me, for some reason. It's just how it was.

Anyway, a few months back, I decided to go off of it because my blood sugar ranges were absolutely where they should be, without meds (even though I was still taking it). I still remember a few members asking why I'd stop it, since things are finally where I want them. I went ahead and stopped it, anyway.

I had problems with other issues after that (eating consistently). Now that I am eating consistently again (still LCHF), I now see where I am climbing and had to move back up to the max. dose after restarting it, after some time.

The reason why I tell you this story is because you need to consider if you're where you want to be now as far as BG ranges, do you really want to stop anything that's gotten you there? Maybe yes, maybe no. Just something to consider.


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