reviving beta cells

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reviving beta cells

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Default reviving beta cells

Hi there,
I have finally been diagnosed as LADA after 5 weeks of waiting for test results and am now trying to figure out next steps and managing insulin for the first time. I am looking forward to coming out of the fog in my brain that seems to come and go at will.

I am wondering if anyone out there has tried any of foods or remedies that target beta cell rejuvenation and have you had success?

thanks for sharing.

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Good to see a firm diagnosis for you . . . I'm of no help on the reviving question, but I would think if you concentrate on keeping within your target range and not overworking your ailing pancreas, whatever recovery is possible will occur. Have you gotten settled in with LCHF? Even though you now need insulin, the best way-of-eating will still be low-carb/high-fat - it will give your pancreas all the rest you can possibly give it, and if those wee beta cells can recover, they will.

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At least now you know the position and can move forward. I suspect you've already seen LADA -- Slow Onset Type 1 Diabetes with Some Type 2 Features but if not, it does give a reasonable summary of some of the issues.

Unfortunately I've got the same problem as Shanny. I don't know if beta cells can recover but the best approach to keeping the ones you do have is careful management of your condition with insulin and a nice low carb / high fat diet.

Good luck.

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Regeneration of beta cells is possible, see for example:
July 2012 Glucose Tolerance Test – Passed! | Me and My Diabetes
OGTT doesn't look like in diabetic at all. Also C-petide has increased (another link on her site). I'm pretty sure with those result no doctor would clasify her as a diabetic. Of course unless they knew that she was diabetic 7 years before and was told that diabetes can't be cured.
Another example:
Dear Pancreas, you may rest now… Glucose Tolerance Test Results
I didn't see there C-peptide results, but OGTT may suggest beta cells regeneration.
And what do they have in common? Diet. They both claim that they eat low carb. But it does not mean "eat to your meter" diet. There are too many poisons that won't rise blood sugar. The diet:
A Meal Plan you can "live with".
Notice for example - no bread. It doesn't really matter if it's low carb (probably meaning full of gluten) or not.
There are also some studies suggesting that several herbs may help. Nothing conclusive though. For example gymnema sylvestre. There is also Himalaya Diabecon containing several herbs. They did studies suggesting that it regenerates beta cells. I'm not aware of any independent studies.
Also Bernstein claims that his patients can at least stop disease progressions by keeping sugar normal (~83 mg/dl). Meaning - insulin should be taken even if blood sugar is at high and of normal. I haven't seen studies that definitely confirm that but I would have taken insulin if I knew about his experience 3 years ago.
And my own results:
July 2011 - fasting C-peptide: 0.84 ng/ml (diabetic)
January 2014 - fasting C-peptide: 1.33 ng/ml (healthy)
What do I have in common with those two above? Diet. I also take herbs, vitamin D, LDN.
However I'm not a good example because despite increased C-peptide my sugars also increased (now with very little insulin are almost perfect).
So my advice:
- eat low carb (preferably ketogenic) paleo - this one is necessary
- keep blood sugar near 80 - 90 mg/dl (my choices of insulin if necessary: levemir and/or regular. for regular I use pen with 0.5 units increment) - most likely also necessary
- consider herbs
- consider strong probiotics

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Yes, I lasted a little longer after my dka, due to revival, if not regeneration, of shut-down beta cells.

However ... in the long run, it was not all that helpful. Deferral of side effects for a few more yrs is more than worth trying though!

I am now a pumper, using a CGMS, about 5 yrs post-dka. AND a LCHF eater. So my recommendation is, do your research on how best to proceed to use insulin, ALSO! Dr. Bernstein is always a good place to begin.

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Higher C-peptide numbers can be just a result that there is more glucose circulating to be dealt with, not necessarily a sign of improved beta cell function.

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Think I've had this since 2003. Told I was Type 2 lean on 2/13/12.
a1c 8.8 (8/2011) 5.2 (07/2019)
TC 183 LDL 102 HDL 65 TG 52 (02/20/2020)
Supplemental vitamins and electrolytes
64 YY Love the LCHF diet. The cheese goes well with my whine

updated 02//20
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I think it is biologically possible to grow healthy beta cells, I plan on trying a few things I read about recently but havent started yet. High dose Asprin, High dose Gaba have both been effective with mice but not so much in humans. The asprin has a benefit while taking it but is not sustainable from a health standpoint. Gaba at normal levels is also benficial while taking it.

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Originally Posted by elibys View Post
Hi there,
I have finally been diagnosed as LADA after 5 weeks of waiting for test results and am now trying to figure out next steps and managing insulin for the first time. I am looking forward to coming out of the fog in my brain that seems to come and go at will.

I am wondering if anyone out there has tried any of foods or remedies that target beta cell rejuvenation and have you had success?

thanks for sharing.
Hi elibys,

Reviving beta cells is my favorite subject, I have an old thread (black seed) under nutrition forum, this amazing seed has been identified as possibly stimulating regeneration of the dying beta cells within the diabetic's pancreas, see all the useful research links in the thread, I take at least 10 g every day of it since 3 months, but can't claim distinctive results only after the 3 months, welcome to the forum and all the best.

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Please ensure that you provide citations for claims of this nature.

In my view the papers you cite in the previous thread fall very short of being proof of being effective.

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Here are a few interesting studies & abstracts involving one of my favorite supplements.

Therapeutic potential of pterostilbene agains... [Br J Pharmacol. 2014] - PubMed - NCBI

Stilbene glucoside from Polygonum multiflo... [J Agric Food Chem. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI

Effect of pterostilbene on hepatic key enzymes of g... [Life Sci. 2006] - PubMed - NCBI

Long way to go with this one. But, interesting.

As for 'cures' like Newcastle reports, the 'cures' have not been around very long - viewed from a lifetime of eating. What happens in one year? And two? And five? Does extreme low cal work if root cause is beta cells dying from a virus?

(I think Newcastle's eating plan resolves insulin resistance ... return to "normal", frequent, high-carb eating and the IR is likely to make a comeback .... I think that because something very like that happened to me ... time will tell ... I wish all those cures well.)

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- Nancy

wf, 63yo, 5'4", 110 lbs
LCHF diet-controlled T2
DXd myself with PP BG over 270
DX 12/13 with A1C 5.9
8/26/14 HbA1c 5.5
avg BG: 90 - 95 before meals, 100 - 110 one hour PP, 95 2 hours PP
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