Ha1c = 12.1 and Doc still won't give me any meds... - Page 2

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Diabetes Treatment As there is currently no cure for the chronic, Diabetes mellitus – the emphasis must be on treatment and management to avoid complications. Please use this section to discuss how you carefully control and manage your Diabetes. Please let us know what is and isn’t working for you. Feel free to discuss all areas of treatment and management of Diabetes including diet, exercise, weight loss, insulin usage, oral drugs and more.

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Ha1c = 12.1 and Doc still won't give me any meds... - Page 2

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Sorry to have to leave this great conversation, but it's almost 3:00 a.m. here in Kentucky.
Good - night.
Will check in tomorrow.

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Welcome to the forum!!!

I do agree with what others have said so far. Your A1C needs to come down!
I'd submit that using insulin to save what beta cells you have left is an alternative that might be considered. SOME medicines do stimulate the pancreas and can burn out the beta cells, some do not. Find a different doc....
In the mean time eating low - lower carb will help. Again welcome.

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I would not only find a new doc but report the old one to your state medical board!

And yes Blood Sugar 101 and learn how to eat, in the meantime ...

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MsTCB - as others have stated, get another doctor NOW.

The one you're seeing is engaging in behaviour bordering on MEDICALLY NEGLIGENT. His ignorance about diabetes is killing you, literally. (Unfortunately, medical negligence is a nearly impossible situation to prove, especially in an area that isn't a family doctor's specialty...)

Weightloss is almost universally accompanied when prescribing Metformin for patients. Other drugs, especially insulin, can be associated with weight gain ... but NOT Metformin.

Your first course of treatment SHOULD be:
  1. Metformin (and at your A1c result - I'd want the MAX dosage)
  2. Daily Exercise of a minimum of 45-60 minutes
  3. Low-Carb diet with evenly-spaced meals
Those are the things that will get the weight off, reduce any insulin-resistance, lower your blood sugars and get your life back.

Glad to have you hear, hope we can help!

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47 yr. old Male
Alberta, Canada

Dx'd T2 Dec 19, 2010 - Fasting BG: 14.8 (267), A1c: 12.1, Wt: 290lb (over 320lbs at my heaviest)

As of Apr 23, 2013: 14-day Avg Fasting BG: 4.7 (85), A1c (Dec21): 5.1%, Stats: 230lb, 6'3" now with 37" waist

Low-Carb (Usually < 45-60g per day on a 3,000+ calories daily diet)

On Metformin only for meds. Exercise 6 days a week.
Supplement only with: Men's Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin D 2000iu/day, Aspirin 81mg, Cinnamon Extract and Fish Oil all 1x per day

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Welcome to the forum. I am sorry for what you are going through but I am glad you came here to find some answers. From what you said about your doctor he doesn't understand diabetes. Although losing weight is healthy, it doesn't cure your diabetes. I am 118 pounds, in a size 2 and still need 2550mg of metformin to control my bgs. My HbA1c is 5.3. Most doctors want your HbA1c in the 6-7 range to prevent complications. A normal person is in the 4-5 range. So you are more than double normal. When your bgs are high, sugar sticks to the blood molecules and then clogs your arteries leading to reduced blood circulation to arms, legs, toes, heart, kidneys or eyes. Taking medication is a lifeline for most of us. I would think you would benefit from Insulin. Insulin doesn't have to mean weight gain if you adjust your carbs in your diet. Most diabetics who have the disease as long as you do are insulin insufficient and benefit from insulin. The first thing your doctor should realise is that taking medication does not mean failure. You are just assisting a function in your endocrine system that is broken.

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diagnosed Feb 2007
low carb organic diet
3 T of Coconut Oil daily
moderate exercise- mostly walking 3-5 miles, tennis - 4 hours per week, weight training, hiking on weekends and vacations 7-10 miles

HbA1c 5.3 3/11
HbA1c 6.1 5/12

Age 62
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I was on blood sugar medication BEFORE I was diabetic. I was insulin resistant / pre-diabetic and put on metformin. So, letting you continue with A1cs at that level should be malpractice. I would seriously think about suing the guy because he has now damaged your health by refusing to treat you diabetes. And I'm usually not a fan of suing... but that is just unacceptable. Yes, losing weight will help with your blood sugar, BUT you need other means to control your numbers until you are able to lose the weight.

My endocrinologist has kind of the same opinion - as in, when I reduced my A1c from 9.1 to 5.2, she said it was so low because I lost 30lbs. NO, it's like that because I have been eating right and keeping my numbers under control for the past three months... the eating right has caused me to lose weight... not the other way around.

You've gotten such great advice already... I might be able to help with low-carb on a budget, if you need it.

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Hypothyroidism @10
Insulin Resistance/PCOS @16
Type 2 @31
Low Carb / Primal / Whole Foods
Stopped Glyburide May 2011

June 2010 ~ 9.2
Aug 2010 ~ 7.1
Nov 2010 ~ 6.0
July 2011 ~ 5.2

Our baby boy arrived 4/15 ~ 8lbs 10oz

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hi and welcome *waves from Perth Australia* I can't add anything that hasn't already been said except the your wound won't heal so long as your blood sugar levels are as high as they are...to me that's proof positive you need medication...as soon as the levels come down the wound will heal...you deserve to have a great doctor that support you and wants you healthy!

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Ditto on all the comments so far. BTW, you don't need any more protein. Don't eat any more than you eat right now. Cut out every single gram of carbs you can from your diet. The ONLY ones left should be the ones in green, leafy vegetables, or nuts.

What you need is good, natural FATS. No trans-fats and stay away from all "vegetable" (highly-processed) oils in the grocery store. Keep PUFAs to a minimum. Get fat from coconut oil, four-legged animals, butter, cream, cheeses (those which list more grams of fat than grams of protein), avocados, olives (and oil) nuts and things like that. Eat hearty! It should be about the same number of calories you are used to. Just keep swapping 9g of carbs for 4g of fat without changing protein until your numbers come down.

It could be that by the time you find a decent doctor, you may not even need him/her!

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Salim Morgan, T2
66 Years
DX: 9/2009 A1C=10.7
A1C 2/2010: 6.7 (DX + 4 months)
A1C 5/2010: 6.0 (DX + 8 months)
A1C 8/2010: 5.7 (DX + 11 months)
A1C 11/2010: 5.1 (DX + 14 months)
A1C 9/2011: 5.6 (DX + 2 years)
A1C 7/2012: 5.5 (DX + 2 years 10 months)
A1C 1/2019: 5.5
Diet: Approximately C:10;P:15;F:75 (as % calories)
Exercise: Not much. Stairs at home & work.
NO MEDS, No Highs, No Lows
Grandkids: 22
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Wow - I am overwhelmed by the kindness and helpful advice.
Thank you all !!
Sorry for the delay in getting on the forum today.
I heard my phone ringing when I was asleep this morning but couldn't reach it in time to answer.
It was my Doc's office and the nurse left a voice message telling me that the X-ray I had yesterday showed a 2 cm calcification in the left upper quadrant of my abdomen. She said that a 2009 CT scan had shown a 1.5 cm calcification in the same place, so the Doc wants to refer me to Vascular Surgeon for an opinion. She then added that the calcification is an aneurysm in my artery.

I was totally shocked and broke down in tears! After I pulled myself together a little bit, I called my sister who suggested that I make an appt to go talk to the Doc's Physician Assistant tomorrow to see if I can get more information. So, that's what I did. I'm scheduled to see her first thing tomorrow morning.

One reason this news was so upsetting is because I did NOT have CT Scan in 2009 that showed a 1.5 cm calcification or anything else abnormal in my abdomen. I had been having some other medical problems that my Doc ordered a CT scan for in 2009, but it revealed a 2 cm Ovarian Cyst which is no where near the Upper Left Quadrant of the human body. Plus the cm sizes are off.

I called the Nurse back and asked if she could possibly have my records mixed up with someone else's, but she just chuckled and said no. She said I have an arterial aneurysm and that when the scheduling dept calls to tell me my appt time/date with the Vascular Surgeon to be SURE to keep it because it's not an appt. I would want to miss. I told asked if she had the location mixed up b/c the CT scan in 2009 showed nothing abnormal in the left upper quadrant, but did show a 2cm Ovarian Cyst. She reassured me that she did not have the locations mixed up.

I got off the phone and started crying again.
I "googled" aneurysm info and found out that it can be a complication of Diabetes.
Other than that, I don't have any of the other risk factors for an aneurysm. My HDL, LDL, etc. have always been normal. My blood pressure has also always been normal. Last week it was 120 over 72.

I am trying hard not to get upset again right now and I hope I can get some answers tomorrow.
IF I did have a CT scan in 2009 that showed a 1.5 cm aneurysm, I feel like my Doc should have told me about it. I do keep a copy of all my medical records and lab results and I just cannot find this abnormal CT scan the Nurse referred to.

I am a 10 year Thyroid Cancer survivor which first showed up as a "calcification," so when I hear that word, it scares me.

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Putting out Best Vibes that this is, indeed, a mistake. Or, at least, something as close to trivial as possible.

I am so sorry this office is putting you through such an ordeal. Aneurysms are nothing to "chuckle" about -- and if this is for real, it is inexcusable (as in, most likely actionable) that you were not informed back in 2009.

If it's not for real, it's incompetence. Run like the wind!

Please keep us posted!

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