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Why Insulin Causes Weight Gain??? - Page 2

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Hi - since May 2008 I have gradually put on 4 stones (14 lbs to a stone). I am eating a healthy diet. I notice my ankles have swollen terribly, exercise I can do is on a stepper, not much as I also have a back complaint, which the weight wont help, it is called a Grade II sponylolisthesis basically a slipped vertebrae in the back and told not to exercise too much, so it is a vicious circle.

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Weight gain with insulin use is very common.

Tight control of carbohydrates and blood glucose is the key.

Another key is to reduce large variations in blood glucose and all that can be dealt with with carbohydrate counting. Email me for a copy of my book at [email protected]

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Dear Richard,
I beleive that weight gain is because of insuling and nothing else...as insulin is the weight gaining hormone and if it is in the body unused it will lead to weight gain..weather your bg levels are high or low.. this can be expalined in a example of type 2 diabetics....in initial days when they are undiagnosed they have higher levels of bg and still they are in process of gaining weight .Yes you would think they sudden loss of weight is major symptom of diabetes.I agree but that happens when bg levels remain constantly high and insulin can not convert them into energy..body hits panic button and stored fat is consumed for energy which results in weight loss,but still person have high bg levels .
I think i am able to make my view understandable.

Originally Posted by Richard157 View Post
I found this on another site. A man is telling what his doctor told him about insulin and weight gain, in his own words. What do you think?

"The doctor explained we gain weight is cause our bodies had been used to the high sugar levels so things passed through. Now with better control of the sugar levels our bodies is now grabbing more nutrients and trying to store them. And with cold weather around the corner we will tend to want to eat more to store fat."

He was diabetic for a long time and did not gain weight with the insulin used back then. It was the same with me for 50 years. The body did not store the fatty material while there was so much high blood sugar. Then the modern day insulins entered the picture, the blood sugar was under much better control and there was no longer a lot of high blood sugar. That causes the body to store the fatty material in the food we eat. Thus there is weight gain. In my case that was 57 pounds in the 1990s. I have lost 26 pounds but still need to lose 31 more pounds. Exercise and low carbs helps because that results in lower insulin dosages and the less insulin we use, the more weight we can lose.

What are your comments? Have you heard this before?


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Originally Posted by Lloyd View Post
I lost 35 lbs since going on an insulin pump, and have kept that weight off for an additional year now.

Tight control, and restricting my carbohydrate intake to 80 grams a day have worked marvelously in my case.

What would your diet consist of with 80 grams of carbs. I want to lower my intake of Carbs.

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Originally Posted by patmar8 View Post
What would your diet consist of with 80 grams of carbs. I want to lower my intake of Carbs.
A good way to learn to count carbohydrates is to start by reading packages that food comes in. I would also get this book:


That way you can eat whatever you like, as long as it fits in the carbohydrate budget that you set for yourself.


Well controlled diabetes is the leading cause of NOTHING. - Dr. William Polonsky

My book Successful Diabetes Management is available @ Amazon
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thanks I will get the book

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I like to think of it as a math equation....

On a normal person if they eat excess food, their body converts their sugars to energy and nutrients. If they do an equal amount or greater amount of work to burn the food they don't get fat as the don't store as much.

On a diabetic, your equation is broken. you don't convert the sugars to energy effectively so it can't be turned into fat. Infact you lose weight more often then not because your body is starved for energy so it breaks down fats to create some glucose to try and nourish your system. But since energy isn't being created properly all it's doing is flooding the system with sugars. Much like flooding a car's engine. So all diabetes meds really do is allow your body to create ample energy, it's your job to burn it, or reduce the intake.

Now at the same time, without having a medical degree or anything I can't say that some diabetes meds might not have a side effect of increasing fat, or maybe even making the body more likely to store excess fat. It just seems to me that it's not the fault of the medicines.

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