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ObiJonKenobi 09-28-2017 13:56

Kombucha tea?
I am not a bandwagon jumper when it comes to fad diets and miracle cures, but my Dr., who obviously is also a DO, suggested I check out kombucha tea. He stated that studies are showing some benefits for diabetics such as lower blood sugars and better pancreas function. My research has shown some risks involved, especially if you make your own. I am curious if anyone has experimented with it or even know about it.

div2live 09-28-2017 15:13

Obijon....Sorry I cannot add anything on this tea, but I read an article that 'Cricket' one of the Administrators on this website provided yesterday. The article was named "Eight Reasons You Can't Lose Fat.

In that article it said that "...leaf based teas stimulate a rise in insulin." A rise in insulin can stop or prohibit weight loss in diabetics. He goes on to say that "...It appears however, that the theaflavin within leaf tea may be playing the offending role in the insulin spike seen with their use"

I tried to find the link on this article, but I could not find it. I printed the article but somehow did not get the name of the doctor that wrote it.

If Cricket reads this maybe we can get the link provided yesterday.

VeeJay 09-28-2017 17:13

Here's Cricket's thread

with the link provided.

itissteve 09-29-2017 16:52

I've been conducting kind of an "eat to your meter" experiment on myself -- but with a little more design in it.

My hypothesis is that eating fermented foods improves gut flora which improves digestion which positively affects my BG levels. Real apple cider vinegar (not just the brown-tinted stuff in the market), fermented sauerkraut and pickles, kombucha, ... I suspect they're good for me. But confirming that and finding if there's a tipping point? I haven't tested that much yet. I know there's some research out there, but everyone's diabetes is different and I want to try it for myself.

I'd be interested in finding out if kombucha (even in a standardized preparation) would be helpful in controlling BG.

MaJoie 09-29-2017 22:22

Isn't kombucha a fermented sugar-sweetened tea? I suppose one could take it by the teaspoonful without kicking up blood sugar. I know I couldn't drink even a small glass. A single strawberry or cherry tomato will raise mine.

itissteve 10-01-2017 19:51


Originally Posted by MaJoie (Post 1242362)
Isn't kombucha a fermented sugar-sweetened tea?

It is fermented and sugar is used in its production. The kombucha I've tasted in no way resembles the U.S. South-style "sweet tea", so I'm unsure if the sugar levels are any worse than a starchy vegetable or a piece of fruit. Of course, everyone' tolerance for foods containing sugar differs. Kombucha is well down my list of fermented foods I'd examine for effect on BG because I typically drink water and would rather eat pickles or sauerkraut before I went for sweet drinks.

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