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Donella 05-03-2012 02:02

Diabetes Support Group???
I took some can foods down to the food bank the other day and the lady in charge asked me a few questions which led to me telling her my DH was recently DX Type2. She then said " oh have you seen the sugar free Oreos?" Well if you knew me you would know she just opened a very wide door for me to "preach" what I have learned and how wonderful LCHF WOE is for my DH. She was very interested in all I was saying because her secretary is T2 who just got out of the hospital from a crash in blood sugar. She asked me if I would talk to her secretary which of course I did. I printed 20 flyers from the bloodsugar101 website of how to lower your blood sugar and gave them to the food bank as well. The secretary was very very interested in what I had to say and took several notes. Of course my first 2 suggestions are this forum and to everyone I talk to. We exchanged emails and I emailed her several links of sites to visit including the diet dr intro to LCHF. I stopped by to check on the lady today and she just went to the Dr this morning and told him what I said and HE APPROVED of the "diet". He also took her off about 6 or 7 of her 20 something meds including the insulin they had just put her on. She has lost about 18lbs in a week(4 or 5 was during her hospital stay) and she also started water aerobics last week. Now to my concern...... The lady in charge of the food bank asked if I would volunteer to speak with some of the diabetic clients they have  Oh I would love to help others but would there be anything I could be liable for??? If I go in up front telling them I am not certified in anything just want to give them other options to the ADA is this legal?? Please let me know what you think.. Oh and when the secretary went to the pharmacy to get metformin she was telling the pharmacist about our conversation and how well her BS has been and he said "I knew it was the carbs I have been telling so and so that for awhile" She then gave him a flyer I am so excited about all of this but will I be able to do it?? If so I need to start writing up some info I don't know everything or even 1/2 but I can sure try to find out for those without computers or point the people in a direction to look that do have one. Your thoughts and advice are appreciated Thank You

moon 05-03-2012 02:14

I would think (I'm not an attorney, doctor, pharmacist, pilot, ballet dancer, etc) that since you are not charging, if you stick with your experience and talking about what worked for your husband, and how you went about researching, and just gave resources you used that helped along the way, that you would be fine.

The Parish Nurse at the church where my mom is a member, followed my journey because she called when I was in the throes last year of being very sick and stayed in touch. She was so impressed by my success that she suggested getting a group together for me to speak to, then backed up realizing since a part of her grant comes via the health care system here, we couldn't do it as it doesn't follow ADA guidelines. But you would be beholding to nobody - and if they want to organize a group for you to speak to, I say go for it! What a great outreach!

Patdart 05-03-2012 02:15

Sounds like a great opportunity as long as you state you are not an expert.

Go for it!

Donella 05-03-2012 04:45

Thanks Y'all I am going to do it.  The lady that runs the food bank is out of the country doing missionary work til the end of the month. So I have time to work on some research references. I am so excited to spread the word. 

Shanny 05-03-2012 06:28

Way to go, Donella! And you have the pharmacist backing you up! WooHoo! Hard to see how this could go wrong - they found you, after all. You're just answering their questions with what worked for your husband, and it worked beautifully! Good luck! You'll be great!

jwags 05-03-2012 14:30

Sounds like a great opportunity. You might want to run it by a lawyer first though just to protect yourself. Normal Dieticians are protected by the ADA even if they give bad advice. I don't know what the laws are for support groups. If the Food Bank has umbrella insurance that might cover you. You may have to have the participants sign legal waivers.

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