Feeling frustrated and angry!!!!

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Feeling frustrated and angry!!!!

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Angry Feeling frustrated and angry!!!!

sorry guys need a moan cuz i'm feeling so crap right now. for people who havent read my previous threads i have been diabetic for 21 yrs and also had clean symptoms of low blood sugars. i've recently been ill and had a couple of fits from severe low bm's. I have since these episodes lost my symptoms of low blood sugars, which scares the hell out of me cuz they have been so strong til now. professionals say to run my levels a bit high to help my body regain my sensitivty to low bm's but their so eratic i cant get head nor tail of it. eg. tues they started on the lower side and gradually crept up for no reason then when i went drive my bm was 11 and a hr later it had dropped to 3.4!!!??? my counsultant says i am safe to drive at present but i'm so scared atm not having symptoms.

since going bk to work on tues in my community nursing job, occupational health want me to do joint visits with my team to reduce risk to myself and my patients, which i totally understand and agree with but i hate the fact it is controlling my life so much at the mo. trying so hard to keep positive but i'm struggling. my mum is understandably concerned so i'm trying to keep it together. at work i feel like i'm being babysat!!!

i hate feeling weak and nt being able to cope!!!

sorry for the wingeing but i hope u guys can understand

thank u


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I hope you get some relief soon. I am a type 2 and don't have lows so I can only imagine how it is. I am so sorry you are having this trouble. It's terrible how diabetes can take over our lives. Someone will come along here who will give you better advice. I just wanted to respond to tell you to hang in there. Best of luck.

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Hello Emmie. Yes, I'm sure we all understand. This is one of the most difficult diseases/conditions to control. Especially since so many things affect our numbers and it's not like we have an Endo living with out to show us exactly what to do. That would have been Nice though.

I can imagine what you are going through with such a hectic occupation. I was in Nursing College when I was 17/18(my avatar pic was the same year). I remember it being crazy then. I was getting good marks in the high 90's but I found that I didn't have enough time to eat and I didn't know squat about Diabetes back then. No meters then and I didn't know what an Endo was either. Before my course was finished, I ended up in an Insulin reaction.

If I wanted to do it all over, I would be sure to learn all that I could about Diabetes, now that the info is easily available. My case in particular(see how everything affects my blood sugar), test every chance I got and correct either way when necessary. Also to eat something for breakfast, like eggs, bacon,cheese, etc. so as not to raise carbs much but such food that stays with you. Plus carry some soft candies, Glucotabs, etc. with me just in case. I do hope that you test yourself before you get into a vehicle. We don't want anything bad to happen to you.

***Life Is A Highway.......T.C.

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Originally Posted by emmie_lou View Post
i hate feeling weak and nt being able to cope!!!

sorry for the wingeing but i hope u guys can understand

thank u

Emmie Lou,

In our practice (I lead a support group at my endo's office and have had a LOT of diabetes training from the Joslyn center I am a counselor not an educator though) we have found a high number of people who are severely vitamin D deficient.

You need to call your doctor and have them do a blood test to check your Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12.

Because of all the sunscreen and fear of skin cancer we just are not getting enough of them.

Vitamin D deficiency causes you to feel weak, and have pains in your body. It also messes with your mood. It's worth a try to get this checked out.

best of luck

Allen Prunty, Louisville, KY
Live Between The Lines

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has your diet changed at all? Did you recently start a new workout regimen? It sounds like your insulin sensitivity has changed, thus constant hypo. I would suggest doing a check to see if your ratio has changed.

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Emmie Lou,

First a big hug

Know that you will never be alone even in times when you're stressed, frustrated and scared. This is the time to whine and seek information.

Nerves and stress can really play heck with you emotionally, they cause disruption of the body order and can play tricks with your awareness. This is the time to both seek your friends and restore calm so that your body returns to its primary focus. Moments of quiet meditation coupled with sound medical advice and help from your friends around you will get you back in form.

You are loved, know this well.

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Hello Emmie , I would know just how you feel as I am a type 1 and have had this for 38 years. For being low naturally, Meaning that your pancreas is overproducing insulin and you just drop like a sack of potatoes and driving is a bad situation to be in. Is there such a person who is an endo and a diabetic?? I wonder.

Back in the day that there was no BG meters and just the clinic test test tubes and the royal blue as the desirable color, I was in ballet and often go low too many times and get told to quit ballet as I did in '77. Today my joy is still ballet and go to see the performances in their beautiful graces.

Welcome to our forum Emmie.


Type 1 Diabetic for 43 Years.
Insulins Novorapid and Levemir.
So I am well armed to enjoy food of any kind!!!

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Emmy Lou

I am no role model, i still eat crap, i skip the odd nova, i skip testing if im miserable or tired, but i also live, with average control. I often find myself having high readings, but then again i take alot of my readings after eating, does this mean im out of control? i too have lost my physical ability to detect my hypo's, but somehow i just know when im so low, as i do when im high, i feel it in my veins, and i think you do to. After hypo's especially your blood sugars can be up and down drastically while your body recovers from the shock (remember when your having a hyper, your body is litterally feeding off itself to keep you alive, thats a fair bit of trauma). As i say, im no role model, ill never give solid factual advice (i dont want to kill anyone!) but i also dont suggest going to the gym 7 days a week and eating nothing but rabbit food, we have to live, and we can live like anyone else. If your worried about your levels, check more regular, 2 hours after eating is a good one, or just an hour if in a hurry, thats when your sugars return to relvative normality, test before you eat, so you know what to eat. More importantly, DRIVE, you have a glovebox, stick some edibles in there, nibbles to keep you going. Your bloods will calm down, when you calm down, stress is no good for blood sugar. Take it easy, and check regular.

I feel for you.


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