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Jazz it up 03-27-2013 06:01

Anyone else dealing with "Frozen Shoulder"
This is a disease that is very common in diabetics. I have both shoulders affected. Wondering how others have coped?

foxl 03-27-2013 11:45

Ibuprofen, heat, stretching. My internist wanted to know why I did not come in, I told him I doubted he could have helped.

It was VERY painful, in my case though, about 6 - 8 wks, so likely "mild." Once I got my blood sugar down, it receded. Hopefully forever!!!

crankincraig 03-27-2013 14:10

I have had it and it has gone away on it's own both times. It seems the better my sugar was the more it went away. I refused to go to the doctor and stuck it out long enough and it has gone away. Also kept up on exersise and stretching , not sure if this is what the doctor would have perscribed or weather he would have told me not to use it . With my lifestyle and numerous activities no use was not an option.
Hope it straightens out for you , I know first hand it could be tough to deal with.

clebo 03-27-2013 14:18

I deal with frozen shoulder and knee pains everytime a low pressure moves over our area.I think I can predict the weather better then any weatherman.Today I'm feeling pretty good.:rolleyes:

JJDax 03-29-2013 15:28

Try "moist" heat either by warming up a damp rag in the microwave or getting a special moist heat wrap from the store (most Walgreens or CVS will have them) they can run about $30.

Anyway my Mom had that (not due to diabetes) and she tried everything! Then she remembered the doctor said "moist" heat. We got the wrap and the next day it broke away! Not saying it will happen in everyone's case but it can't hurt to try.


junmarie 04-09-2013 03:07

Sorry to hear you are suffering. I also have intermittent shoulder issues. I found an inexpensive clay heating pad at Wal Mart for about 12.00. you just pop the clay-filled pad in the microwave for a minute or so. I helps so much more than a regular electric heating pad.

Also, I make sure to rarely sit in any chair with arms that touch my elbows. The arms of the chair keep my shoulders from dropping into a deep, natural position, which slows healing for me.

phedrick 08-22-2013 01:12

I recently went to my GP with this and she referred me to a physical therapist. He spent some time stretching me and then gave me some streaching exercises for me to do at home. Still not completly gone but doing mutch better.

javagate 08-22-2013 01:33

Actually that happened to a friend of mine at work. I think he's on his third operation to fix it. He's also on a pump. He has really high numbers he tells me all the time... like in the 300's after eating a bagel.

fangirl 08-22-2013 14:08

Jazz, sorry to hear you're suffering from both shoulders at once. that happened to me, too. It's very rough and I sympathize with what you're going through.

If you catch it early, home therapies like moist heat and shoulder exercises can help. Sometimes, depending on severity, seeing a physical therapist may be a good option. If it's really, really bad, "surgery" can be done (not really surgery but they knock you out and manually move the arm to break the adhesions, and monitored PT is required afterwards).

Avoid the cortisone shots they offer, though - that'll send your blood sugars through the roof for months!

Good luck, I hope you find relief soon!

newgrange 08-22-2013 14:15


Originally Posted by Jazz it up (Post 151372)
This is a disease that is very common in diabetics. I have both shoulders affected. Wondering how others have coped?

I have had my right shoulder give me problems for years --- because of this I have limited range of motion -- I did PT for a while but found if I just did the exercises they showed me when it starts that usually stops it for a while..

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