junmarie 1 yr update

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junmarie 1 yr update

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Default junmarie 1 yr update

It's been a year since I found this forum and began the journey I am on today.

Here's a report of how I'm doing and how I got there. The purpose is to mark a milestone, share with new people who are where I was last year, and to thank the forum members for their valuable, usable information, time, and encouragement.

Last year I was sick and floundering with bg over 200 that would then drop like a rock to 50. these drops were so debilitating that I would have to pull over the side of the road and sleep. Or nap in a parking lot, unable to get home. I even bought (temporarily) a camper van because I had to sleep in my vehicle so often. I didn't know what was going on. But now I do!

Thus began my continuing journey to restore health and balance. Very fortunately I stumbled across this forum before I bumbled into the wrong diabetes forum.

It surely has been trial and error for the last year. Perhaps the most important thing I learned from all of you is to live by the meter. It ends the guesswork and lights the way. The meter may wander a bit on readings, but it does not lie. The meter proves or disproves all suggestions, recipes, miracle tonics, and doctors recommendations. And it illustrates that what works for some does not work for others.

So last year I was much heavier, had dawn phenomenon, had high numbers and an A1C out of normal range.

Today my morning number was 92, and my Feb a1c was 5.4.
(last year my morning numbers were nearly always over 125.)

it's been a crazy and challenging dance to get here. Of course I am by no means at the end of a journey. For me, diabetes may curl up and snooze peacefully, but in just an instant it can fly into action and control my life. And it only takes one misstep for me. There is no grace period!

After trying all sorts of combination diets, and living with the dream that once the numbers got better I could then eat more like a normal person, I came to a full stop with all of that.

The only thing that works for me is the LCHF way of eating. It absolutely works. Not only did it give me numbers in the 80's from time to time, but it also stopped the food monster, the craving beast that wanted to eat eat eat day and night. It's voice whispered in my head all the time, wanting what turned out to be carbs. It stopped!!! I never hear that voice now. In fact, my problem now is that I FORGET to eat and get a liver dump!

To achieve this I had to stop eating ALL grains. Yep, every one of them. Why my body reacts the way it does to all grain is just perplexing when I see many others can eat them. But the meter says I cannot.

Plus I had to give up whole milk and half and half. Heavy cream is my friend.

I measure cheese and eat it an ounce at a time.

I can eat eggs and meats, but if I eat too many without veggies, I spike.

Exercise: It can pull my numbers down if I do it moderately. I can do it for long periods, such as gardening, digging, hauling etc as long as I don't do it vigorously. As soon as I pick up the pace too much, SPIKE! But if i keep it at a moderate pace, it pulls my numbers down.

The miracle tonic is broth with coconut oil. If I have a spike, a small amount of warm broth with a good glump of coconut oil will bring it way down in 30 minutes, or an hour tops. I put this miracle food on most everything, including eggs, vegetables, and soups. If I don't want to flavor my entire meal in it, I put a good amount on a couple of bites and call it a supplement. That way it's not on my entire entree. Coconut oil can bring my blood from 140 to below 100 so fast, but never takes it into the low danger zones. I also use coconut oil for my hair and skin. No product I've tried beats it's ability to relieve dry skin.

What spikes me now that carbs are gone is forgetting to eat, or eating too much protein. If I avoid that pitfall I can get some lovely numbers.

When I was running high numbers I set some goals. First was to never go over 140. Once accomplished I went to 130, then 120. Now I'm working on 110 as my top. That's a tough one.

None that was possible until I fully embraced the LCHF diet. It just would not happen.

My weight is also directly hooked into the carbs. It seems like all I have to do is smell a carb and my weight goes up. when i started the journey I weighed about 240. (abt 2 years ago) Now I'm in the mid 180's and slowly dropping.

to summarize what works for me:
I eat by the meter. I test every new food several times.
I stick to the LCHF diet. It did not kill me like the doctors said it would.
I use coconut oil to pull and hold my numbers down.
Moderate exercise works, but vigorous does not.
Heavy cream does not raise my numbers. Milk does.
I'm still working on DP, but I'm narrowing down what I can eat before bed that will prevent it. It is not carbs, however. (possibly late night decaf coffee with heavy cream is helping)

STRESS raises my numbers. All by itself, good ole stress. So I've cut some annoying people loose and the number slid on down. Hey, am I now choosing my friends by the meter? Not a bad idea.

I hope this little story helps someone who feels lost like I did, and also says Thank YOU to those here to share their trials, errors, and expertise.

It does get better!!!

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I love success stories. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

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Originally Posted by VeeJay View Post
I love success stories. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.
I'll second that!! Well done Junmarie!!

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Very encouraging! Thanks for sharing.

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I really want to thank you for giving us an update on your life with diabetes. It gives us newbies hope and inspiration. I hope to have numbers like yours in a year from now.

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