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brand19922006 04-08-2013 19:45

Can you exercise if your glucose levels are high? I tested at 287. I exercise after work each day, so I just want to make sure that my levels are not too high to exercise. I had a flat bread sandwich at lunch. I am trying to eat right. Don't know why it is so high today. Thanks in advance.

foxl 04-08-2013 19:47

I think it is okay, for T2's. T1's risk DKA when that high.

crankincraig 04-08-2013 19:59

Was that sandwich something that you might have been better off avoiding for lunch.

I am a T1 on a pump and probably have an advantage that I can maybe keep it down with more insulin if need be where as T2 does not have that option and diet might be even more important. I have made lots of changes to my diet and know that things like a sandwich could send me flying off the charts ; when I used to eat like that.

As far as exercise I guess that I really can't give you an answer. I have read that exercise in some can actually raise blood sugar and DKA starts at 240 I beleive it probably depends on you as an individual and how exercise will effect you.

brand19922006 04-08-2013 20:05

Well I went to subway and I am trying to eat healthy. I have lost 30 lbs so far. I thought getting a flat bread sub from subway would be a healthy choice and less bread for me. I am at work and I started feeling a little woozy so I checked my levels and I was at 287. I am now drinking water in hopes that it will come down so I wont let my workout buddy (sister) down and am able to workout at the gym after work. I thought I was making a healthier choice. Thanks.

foxl 04-08-2013 20:19

Uhmmmm, yep.

That's diabetes. You ARE NOT A FAILURE!

That is not a healthy choice for us.

Shanny 04-08-2013 20:21

You can avoid the bread completely at Subway . . . they will make up any of their sandwiches as a salad instead.

Bread of any kind is bad for diabetics - anything made with grain is bad for diabetics. So next time ask Subway to make you a salad instead - your blood sugar will behave much better & you'll be able to go exercise with your sister.

brand19922006 04-08-2013 20:29

Thanks guys!:)

Tommy 04-08-2013 20:46

I will not exercise when I'm high (above 180). I always get really sleepy and sluggish when I'm high.
I'm a Type 1 and I will do a correction bolus before exercising. If you are too high your blood sugar levels can actually elevate.

brand19922006 04-08-2013 20:59

Yea, I was feeling woozy. Thanks. I did not know that exercise can elevate it higher.

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