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does anyone take risperdal/risperidone? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by alfbarks View Post
What dose were you taking?
What dose did your wife take the one time she took it?

I'm just curious...I did put an email into the Dr. to ask
her about the Lithium Oratate so see what she knows about it.
Lithium Orotate

MCS is the guy with a wife.

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Novolog as required
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I'm sure he's not the only guy with one :P (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

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Originally Posted by MCS View Post
Wife was on that stuff for one day. She reacted so bad to it I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance.

Are you in Ketosis yet. I would try dropping carbs to less than 30g a day and supplementing with L-Carnitine for a while, see if that clears up the mood swings before I took that medicine.
Do you remember what DOSE your wife took?
I'm just curious is all?
I take it she didnt take it after that one day...or did she?

I just dont think I can ever get to ketosis. Not that I wouldnt want to but that i'm too into carbs and to picky of an eater and my choices are so limited with what I like that I need other fillers and carbs are available quick, easy and conveinient to carry about .

Yesterda I was ohhhhhh so close to having a day without going above 100! I went through the whole day till evening I go so hungry and was having false hypos.

I tested at 91 but felt like 50 so I stopped at mcdonalds and tried one of their big huge wraps. It was so filling and I didnt eat the rest of the evening but I did spike to 141 and I was so dismayed that I vowed not to go there again. I know I know I could of did the big mac salad but didnt even think of it, I was just too hungry...

Today is a new slate and I started out at 91 fasting so i'm going to hopefully stay around there all day. I've even been hitting some 70's the last few days just by avoiding most carbs or eating only veggie carbs and eating only one slice of bread, whole grain at 7 carbs only...I like it for a filler and it tastes so good with butter..

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Alfbarks - I am also bipolar. I was depressed for probably half of my life, and was on and off antidepressants. After a particularly long course of antidepressants, I became manic. That is how they diagnosed the BPD (previously they just thought I was clinically depressed). So I can no longer take antidepressants; rather they have me on atypical antipsychotics - Lamictal & Abilify. They both have been a Godsend for me. I lead a very normal life these days.

There is some evidence of Abilify possibly raising blood sugars, but this has not been the case for me. With BPD, it can take a while before the right med/combo of meds is found to work for you. I'm not advocating the meds I'm on, just letting you know there ARE other choices.

I wish you the best.

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I was on risperdal 2mg for 6 or 7 years (BP) but my pdoc switched me to Zyprexa. Other than putting on weight, I can't recall much in the way of side effects. (I could never remember the name of the drug while I was manic in psych hospital, I called it "Rasputin". Zyprexa is also supposed to put on weight but I found it took my appetite away. Since going low carb I have lost a heap of weight.

But obviously reactions are a very individual thing. The first thing they tried me on in the hospital was Seraquel and my body didn't like that, I couldn't pee or take a dump, locked up solid. Plus nightmares. So they fell back on plain old Lithium.


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