don't think i can do this anymore.

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don't think i can do this anymore.

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Default don't think i can do this anymore.

You know.. I just don't think I can do this anymore. It's probably the reason I wasn't on medication for a long, long time.. probably why I didn't go to the dr. for it or anything like that.

I can't even go to the grocery store anymore, because I get angry seeing things that I am not supposed to eat anymore.. things that i want to eat and drink. This time of year is the only time you can find eggnog I want eggnog.. I want to eat everything I usually eat this time of year. I miss drinking milk normal or chocolate..I miss my ncie yummy snack foods.. I miss all the things I shouldn't eat.

I dunno, I just want to give up and go back to eatting what i want, when I want and just not care anymore. I don't know what to do. Ah well.

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well you just have to hang in there .I think its only natural to want all those things hey I cheat once in a while of course I pay the price the next morning, when I wake up and my feet are on fire . Hey we play the hand were delt.But just remember there are people worse.Try to find things you can eat that you like and good luck I totally feel your pain scotthobbytown

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I spent the first 20 years of my diabetic life thinking the same as you. Then the damage started to hit. First neuropathy in my feet, then the scary one with hemorrhages in my retina in both eyes. That's when I began to get serious about controlling my blood sugar. I'm still coping with glycation of my muscles, tendons and ligaments that make me feel stiff and old. I've gotten to a place where I'm determined to stop the progression, and be hopeful about reversing some of the damage.

I beg you not to let your diabetes go that far. You can feel sorry for yourself because of the changes you must make for the sake of your life, or you can take charge and find a way to make blood sugar control your passion, and find ways to make some of those dreamy foods with ingredients that have less impact on BS and still taste great.

Search the forums here, especially the recipe sections. You'll be surprised what you find.

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If you can't make up your mind whether you want to live or die, then I can't help you. You're a sentient adult who has all the information you need to make a good decision. If all you want is instant gratification, then go for it, do what you want, indulge yourself.

But if eating peanuts sent you into anaphylactic shock, would you still insist on eating a PB&J every day for lunch? Same difference.

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In my opinion being a diabetic is a lot like being an alcoholic or drug addict .sugar is one bad fella...your body loves it,and creates very strong cravings. When it doesn't get the sugar it wants,it can make you feel like crap.

I dropped sugar and all it's friends cold turkey. Believe me when I say it was bad for the first two weeks . My BG dropped like a rock ,when it got down below 105 for the first time I could remember...I thought I was having hypo symptoms.
Once I went thru the detox process I was a new person. About The only cravings I have now are for something made with fat....I think ill whip up some HWC for desert tonight.


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Listen to Hitcheca - read the post again. People suffering from damage would give anything to turn back the clock and not eat the goodies that got them there, or do more testing which would have alerted them. Diabetes is serious business if not controlled, and not eating former goodies is such a tiny compromise in the big picture.

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The holidays can be brutal. Personally, I sometimes get irritated and discouraged for no apparent reason or season, too.

In addition to all the great advice you've already received, I'd only add that the tough times are the best times for checking in with us. (Which you, like, just did! )

Read, post or rant as you will. We've all been there ... heck, we may be going through one of our own rough patches, too!

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Please don't give up. We all go thru situations where eating LC is difficult. Be it at work , holidays, or just everyday life at home, we all face them. Sometimes we even give in, I know I have. It's how we handle things afterwards that matters. Do we dust ourselves off and get back on the horse or do we just give up? Thats what is important.

And most definitely go to the recipe section and browse around. You'll see many recipes that will make your holiday season easier to navigate. (Personally I'm getting ready to make a third batch of the pumpkin spice brownies )

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I passed the bakery this morning and I swear the huge walnut coffee scrolls (a zillion carbs each) were calling my name.

How easy it would have been to go in and buy two (yes I used to eat two).

But I didn't. And resisting that temptation doesn't make me any sort of virtuous
goody two-shoes it makes me someone who doesn't want to be pushed around in a wheelchair by my grandchildren.

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When you feel like giving up, go to a nursing home and visit with some of the patients, especially the diabetic ones....the ones missing feet, legs and are blind.....the ones who would gladly love to start over and maybe follow a better diet or eat better or what have you.We all get discouraged, I would love to eat things I want but I also look at it like this: I was diagnosed and I have a chance to maybe keep complications at bay, and eat better and maybe keep my eye sight and live a while longer. Sure that eggnog maybe good for a few minutes but being blind is a lifetime. Missing a leg is forever. I am one for reality and reality is if you dont get it under control well there are consequences. I dont like things candy coated. Sure I get mad when I cant have real bread, or cheesecake or candy. But.....for every choice there is a consequence. And ultimately it is up to you. There is good advice here from people not having ulterior motives, but no one can make you do it, if you dont want it bad enough. Me, I want to live. I would like to keep my legs, god willing and my eyes. And it is hard. But you have support here if you want it. Please us it.


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